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"Evolve" Stories

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  • "Evolve" Stories

    So I've only had this "Evolve" now for less than a month and have 2 crazy stories.1st story I had talked to Steve over the phone and we were talking about pheromones and he was explaining how powerful they were how Evolve could potentially get you called into the office at work lol and I couldn't wrap my head around how it can make so much of a difference. One day I did wear it to work honestly not just one day but for several days and I was gettin for the most part pretty good results but recently I happen to tell a female coworker about a work related situation and she instantly had an attitude with me for no apparent reason and she's usually nice to me.. Later that day in the break room I happened to be looking her direction but not at her persay.Well she had a filp out and was like you are are looking too hard at me and it makes me feel uncomfortable lol.Mind you I've look at this woman intentionally a million times before and she's never flipped on me but hey that was strange. 2nd Story so I went out to a bar for the 1st time in years last night.I decided I would strike up a conversation with this woman that caught my eye and she happened to be with her mother mind you I am naturally an introvert but whatever reason I seem to be unfazed by talking with them both long story short me and the daughter were hugging and holding hands by the end of the night not for sure if it was the Evolve or not but I will say this type of thing NEVER happens with me so might have to charge it to the Evolve lol. You guys thanks for listening.

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    Such an interesting story to read! not 1 but 2 stories!
    Can't wait to read more about your adventures


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      You can also start your own journal in section "Mens Journal" so you can share more there
      Happy posting


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