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Newbie - Try to figure things out

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  • Newbie - Try to figure things out

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to pheromones. I have been reading and reading both here another popular forum. I really appreciate forums over other social media platforms. At present I have Ascend, Cohesion, Evolve and SOB in sprays. Also have Xist and Bliss in oil. Also a miscellaneous assortment of samples. My target audience is ladies in the 40's & 50's. From what I gather so far, there are some differences between and younger ladies as far as what pheromones to use. So I am in the process of trying to figure everything out. Also I am new to the singles scene.

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    Hi DDD, Welcome. Yeah, there are some differences with regard to age. I'm an old fart and they barely work on the old ladies unless I pile them on but even light doses affect the young girls. Ladies in your age group are about past their childbearing ages and a lot lose interest in sex and that can be a real bear to turn on a switch that they've grown comfortable with leaving off. BUT, they do cause a spark. It seems a lot harder to fan the flames than when I was 20, When I was 20 their flames were burning hot and I just had to have a log to offer to throw in the fire.


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      Thank Muestereate. I expect there are some differences in what these ladies want or look for. They already have history, experience and baggage, as do I. So far, in my very limited experience, socials seem to work best, at least to open things up. Seems to make things easier, at least for me as I am more of an introvert.


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        I have been doing well with this age group using a drop of Xist, a light spray of taboo and a light spray of loveboat. This won't get you laid but it will get you into their social circles. If one starts to show more interest you could slide into the evolve. If you are clubbing in a more aggressive environment your SOB does indeed work with that age group. I don't have a ton of luck with cohesion but it has all the right stuff so it works for most. It's more in line with the comfort that the first blend I mentioned does. Ascend seems to draw in mid 30's late twenties gals that know they want an upwardly mobile guy. If you have some good stuff going for you financially you could try that around some gals under the age group you mentioned.

        Those doses seem light but since the pandemic I have been doing much better with lighter doses, Your Mileage may vary, and by all means ,find your top doses as well as your bottoms but since covid, less is more in my opinion.


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          Thank you, much appreciated!


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            You have quite the arsenal already and since you are reading I suspect you will want to stock up and try some new blends for even more adventures.

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              Thank you KateD!


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                Once you go from casually dating to dating a person more long term I'd consider adding domination.


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