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Greetings, Discover XS community!

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  • Greetings, Discover XS community!

    Hello community,
    Newb to forum here, a few months into the phero rabbit hole, (my first products are all PXS), which I'm still learning how to drive. So far, I own Xist and Evolve sprays, with Taboo on the way, & I'd really love to get some input on different methods on steering these products, (and yes, I've perused threads on the forum a bit), and am also testing said products solo. I read Pingu's sticky thread, (which I found really helpful and informative), and will continue to research more posts, but more specifically, what i am trying to learn, is the variance of amt of sprays/dosage that span over the age spectrum, and get an idea as to how factors such as lifestyle, diet, ethnicity, etc., play into the efficacy of mones. Looking forward to interacting with the community here, you all know your stuff, and i appreciate your knowledge and generosity to share it!

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    Steering requires a lot of knowledge or at least theory on human behavior but that changes due to culture and maturity. It takes a lifetime but pheromones have helped me learn more in the last few years than the last few decades. You may never figure out women, They get more complex as they age and they are individuals anyhow. What one runs toward, the other runs from. What makes one happy makes another scared and on and on it goes through the whole gamut of emotions, moods, states, complexes neurosis, neurologist and pathologies.

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