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Pheromones and me go back to 2006

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  • Pheromones and me go back to 2006

    Been using pheromones since 2007 back in the Androtics heyday. Recently been purchasing stuff from LAL and PT.

    I'm here to mainly say hi and look for alternatives to old Androtics products that I can no longer get. So hear come my questions....

    Is Api supposed to be something similar A314? Is XSP83 supposed to be something similar to P83 from Androtics? I used to love the effects I got from the ladies when I used to spray on some P83.

    Also had loads of good times with Androstadienone spray on it's own or mixed with some other product/s. Taboo also seem to pique my interest from what I've read about it as I used to get lots of blatant flirting and kino from the ladies when I used to wear Ammo.

    I haven't been able to get those for a few years now and would like to see if I can use those products as replacements for those from the Androtics range.

    So I think I'd know what I'd want to order, I just need my suspicions confirmed.

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    HI Alvin, Api is its own thing altogether.
    It's more of a "street cred" type phero..
    The XSP's are putative alternatives... I.e. XSP96 XSP82.
    You can search XSP on the purchase site and others will come up.

    I am also from the old Androtics, a lot of these products I feel are better and the pheros here last notably longer.
    Its' my opinion that Androtics used a lot TAF (Molecule F, TA-F) in there products...these molecules helps to focus on the blend.. you can buy that separately here. I do not know many strait up copies of Androtics products here..SteveO isn't in the biz of mimicking.

    Welcome to the Forum, be open minded as I've found a lot of Androtics rigid ideology to be inadequate.


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      Hello Alvin,
      welcome to the forum.

      Originally posted by Alvin Bango View Post
      Is Api supposed to be something similar A314?
      No, APi is a different animal.
      There is no intimidation or fear based respect like with A314 but a lot of trust and real (honest) respect instead, a good social as well. Well, at least for me at 3 to 4 drops.
      APi for me is a ideal work blend (office and sales)

      Originally posted by Alvin Bango View Post
      Is XSP83 supposed to be something similar to P83 from Androtics?


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        Phaethon, may I ask your ethnicity. I do feel it matters when it comes to phero effect (similar to how there are specialized Asian products)

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        Yes, I'm Caucasian.

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      API had 314 roots hence the name pi=3.14. Somewhere Steve said he was trying to get an early 314 vibe. Apparently their were many. It is also mentioned by Steve that Ascend evolved out of API. Api was a step along the road to Ascend. Usually Steve doesn't copy Androtics as far as blends or scents but the putatives since they are not developed by Androtics are Steve's best guesses couple with a large body of researchers that agree or disagree as to whether they think he has the same chemical. It seems the consensus by a wide margin that Steve is able to hit the nail on the head. You will notice XSP's in the market that have a Mauve "Eue de Pheromone" label in addition to the regular code numbers. Those are very solid bets with lots of testing and agreement. he leave little hints sprinkled

      Nobody knows what the XSRs are for sure though some consensus and hints can be found on the forums or a close reading of the descriptions. Like XSR 32 is almost surely XSP-F. Its natural when testing these to try to compare them to known quantities like single molecules and other putatives but Steve doesn't seem to openly agree nor disagree with our research or conclusions. but sometimes he hints lol.

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        Thanks for all your responses and answers to all that did.


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          hey Alvin! welcome to the XS family! happy to have you! looking forward to reading your experiences!
          AmandaXS - XS Model


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            Hello Alvin and welcome!


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              Welcome buddy
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                look forward to reading your reviews
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                    Welcome to the family!


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                      Welcome Alvin Bango


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