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Cover scent question

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  • Cover scent question

    Hi everyone,

    I know this is a basic question, but I’ve run into a snag and I think I’m missing something fundamental.

    I haven’t worn Pheros in years, and I recently bought some (unfortunately not from XS due to the storm, but plan to when production is back). I have a couple other ones - I tend to buy them in scented so I can mix and match if I wanted and so I can apply any scent I want over it.

    I just wore one to test at my hair stylist’s, and as I was paying, she said “what’s that smell? Something smells like it’s burning.” I didn’t smell a thing. It was likely something in the area or a smell from the salon, but I’ve grown anxious over this because years ago, when I wore Pheros, someone told me to wear less cologne at work (although, at that point, I really did overdo it on both Pheros - lots of sprays of xist - and aventus as a cover, which I overdid. I remember prior to that, one or two girls’ nostrils flaring in unison when I walked by.) with the last time I did it, I assumed it was overdosing on both cologne and Pheros (the person who talked to me prior kept asking what scent it was like she was super curious too). But I can’t shake the idea that it was the same thing this time. However, I did not over do it (one drop of Swoon oil, then a spray to the neck and wrist of YSL L’Homme).

    am I doing something wrong with the cover scent? Is this the nature of it? I’d like to wear these under the radar so I’m not smelling like burning or chemicals or something, so I feel like I’m doing something wrong here.

    Can someone give me advice or point me to instructions? Is the “burning” comment likely about something else?

    thanks in advance.

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    I've always preferred to use my own covers, especially since a close friend got me back into colognes. I'll go to places local to be to acquire samples and use a often used vendor to purchase. I also use the Fragentica site for steering into which seasons a cologne is best suited for, though I'll lean in my own direction at times.

    I also apply the cover right next to the mones instead of applying either on top of the other. Since mones are affected by one's own body chemistry I feel it's better to not have yet another set of chemicals interfere.
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      Thanks for that. I applied it to those areas, but maybe the fragrance wasn’t strong enough in this case to cover it? I’m not sure what I did wrong (or even if she was smelling something different).


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        Some individuals can be more sensitive to smelling mones, as I know there's a few products I smell quite easily, while others I'm the equivalent to being "tone deaf" with my nose. Some may have a bit better sense with their sniffer. You may have to experiment with the dose to see if you can get the desired IoIs without it standing out noticeably.
        My Journal: Fever's Follies

        My stash: Moved to the first post of my journal as it no longer fits in my forum signature.


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          Stay clear from body sprays, cheap cologne or strong deodorants, too many scents like that will compel people to notice the scent too strong and may feel engulfed, even then mones wont do anything except tell them your THAT guy. I maybe wrong , just what i read from that.
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            It doesn't sound like you are overdosing and YSL cologne is not junk either. I can't speak for Swoon but I would tell her to double check her hair dryer. All kinds of burning smells at the hairdressers, burnt hair from heat and chemicals, Ammonias etc. But if I am wearing something new and someone makes any remark at all I throw my neck at them and ask them if that is what they smell. I won't confess to mones but I will say its a new cologne but I'm not sure what other people think. "Is this offensive or too much" Either way I thank them for the feedback.


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