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Smell Like This


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Best Application Points [VIDEO]

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    Originally posted by XSteveO View Post

    Personally I feel they should always be applied to skin. Shoes can take on unflattering bacterial smells so adding fuel might really screw you up there. Its not something that can easily be washed off so the buildup could become an issue. Although the half life of mones is about 4 hours, the difference being the bacteria gathered from natural sources like feet sweat might alter that. That's not to say the pheromone blend will stick around longer but the chemicals from the blend might add fuel to the bacteria and change the odor of it from meh to Oh dear God!
    This is a very good post and ought to be in a thread of it's own!


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      And then there are those pheromones that smell like you are wearing old tennis shoes around your neck after a few hours

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        First, love the videos - I'm glad people are doing this now....Second, I read the comment from SteveO about spraying on one's back, and agree. I try to stick w/ skin because I've heard that for pheros to be most effective they need to mix with your own body sweat to create your "signature"....I don't really understand the science, just what I've heard....And so this is what I do (always try to use on skin). Sometimes, it gets into my hair, which I think helps the diffusion; however, again, I try to keep it on my skin as much as possible....for maximum effect - I view getting it on clothing as a waste of money because the effect is not optimized....IDK, just my thoughts only....


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          Such a cute video! I hope you will consider more/new ones.


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            Originally posted by Usagi View Post
            Such a cute video! I hope you will consider more/new ones.
            Working on some new ones over the last couple of weeks. Should be up in a few days

            Steve O

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              Solid stuff to put out a video like this, application is crucial when wearing mones. Great video and credit to Amanda who did a great job, look forward to the new ones.


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                Originally posted by XSteveO View Post

                Working on some new ones over the last couple of weeks. Should be up in a few days
                Looking forward to them.

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                  How did I miss this thread before? Good info and even as more than a casual wearer the video is well worth watching. Hope to see more tips shared.
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                    👍 Thanks for the video


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                      Oh wow, great vid! Glad to see I've been doing it right.
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                        Classic vid. Didn’t even think about the hair. Good resource ✔️


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