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    Hey all

    just to make a quick tutorial for everyone who haven't used vbulletin 5 yet.

    As you can see allot of things are different from the previous versions.
    For better or worse phXS/DiscoverXS will use this new version.
    It supports allot of new features and goodies that will be available in the near future to all of us,

    I am so glad Steve decided to build that great community on this great platform.

    So lets get down to the tutorial.

    How to set your signature?

    You can set and change your signature by going to your username in the upper right corner > click to get the drop down > select User Settings. On that page, select the Account tab and then go down to the area that says "Conversation Detail Options". On the right side, you will see the option "Edit Post Signature". If you click that link, you will get a popup editor that will allow you to enter/edit your signature.

    This option may be disabled by the Administrator. The Administrator may also have restrictions on how many lines or characters may be in the signature.

    I can continue all day with more but:

    ... well all of that is available already at help section

    just click the help link down in the footer and it will take you to:

    Discover XS Forum Help - Putting the XS back into life™
    Euro Hub Now Available -
    idle @ socials

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