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Hello new here, and older.

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  • Hello new here, and older.

    Hello I'm new to all of this and older (49) do I need different dosing parameters being older?

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    Generally I would say no but there are exceptions. You will find a sweet spot for a dose somewhere between one and three. XS blends are very potent.

    Some exceptions I have run across are if I want to attract older women I need certain molecules and more of them. I can't tell if you are male or female but I'm a guy and some blends attract younger girls, other blends ladies in their late thirties and early 40's and yet other blends, if I do increase the dose can attract women older than that. As far as dosage, It depends more on them and the blend than me.

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      Originally posted by Frmn71 View Post
      Hello I'm new to all of this and older (49) do I need different dosing parameters being older?

      Frmn! We all started of as newbies. Being a newbie is the best thing ever. You never forget your first time. Pun intended

      Mueusie answered your question perfectly.

      Have you already purchased any products for us

      Tell me a little about your story and what you hope to gain on this pheromone journey


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        No man. I'm (44), 5'10", 215lbs and I recommend you first try a pheromone that's a good all rounder aka a social then you can work your way to some HARD HITTERS. Although I don't have this product I'm about to mention I heard it is a good starter - TabooXS - its a social alpha and confidence booster.

        When you try out a pheromone for the first time I suggest you start off with (1) spray on the wrist, add the other wrist on top and then dab each wrist on the back of your hands ..(those are pulse points) Applying it here furthers it from your nose and you'll affect the limbic systems of other people - especially if you talk with your hands a lot.

        See how your day goes and take mental notes of specific interactions you have with people. With guys you'll get more "respect" hits and with females you'll get more stares, hair playing and hits of playfulness/femininity.

        As you start getting use to how the pheromone blend works, you can then apply to your neck - again start LOW with (1) spray. Since you apply to your neck it'll affect you more because its closer to your nose. If you ever get a feeling of "anxiousness" or "nervousness" or heart palpitations - that's your body getting used to the pheromone molecules.

        Your body talking to you and essentially telling you there are other ALPHA men in your vicinity and your body is ramping up your testosterone so that its equal or greater than the perceived danger. you'll usually experience this with heavy eNONE and eRONE products like: SOB XS, Dominant Ascend XS & Brute XS

        It may take weeks or maybe months in order for you to get used to a pheromone - once you do INCREASE the dose to (2) sprays. Usually your "sweet-spot" will be in between 1 to 4 sprays: (2) sprays are my max.

        Oh another thing - applying MORE doesn't garner more hits - you're just wasting the product and your money. REMEMBER: less is always more when dealing with a pheromone

        I hope I was willing to help ya and have fun on your pheromone journey - trust me its REALLY fun


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          Nice to meet you, no you don't need special dosing parameters, just try and see what works for you good luck
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