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What are you wearing today?

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  • Originally posted by LegendaryCharisma View Post

    ooh the first stack!
    The fragrances I have those blends in would’ve clashed with what I wanted to wear so I went with something else!

    ….and made another order so I can try it out cus I do think it would make a good stack.


    • Originally posted by fbp View Post
      Usagi What does P82 do for you? I was thinking to give it a try for a while now, but I didn't know what to expect!
      I find it has beautifying and positive social aspects to it.


      • 1x Vibes
        1-2x of 102, EST, Neno
        1 tiiiiiny swipe of BBM

        I remembered Vibes + Neno being a very attracting combination so I wanted to try it again, this time with a few friends: EST for that soft, girlie element, P102 to beautify, and cops for just a smidge of sex appeal.

        It was a nice combo! I noticed there was subtle an element of respect which was unexpected but easily softened with extended eye contact. Almost like people needed me to look at them first to make it okay for them to look at me, if that makes any sense. I wonder if this is the neno or the 102. Either way nice, easy stack overall.


        • Cohesion


          • 2-3 wonky sprays of Innocence
            1-2 wonky sprays of Inbetween

            Working super collaboratively at work today on a project gone wrong. I wanted people to see me gently and blamelessly without seeing me as incapable or incompetent. I think it worked! People were supportive and kind and there were some mood-boosting selfies for me which was much appreciated during this stressful situation.

            I also noticed people used my name a lot today. That was nice.

            Will definitely run this mix again at some point.


            • Duplicate post


              • Chill, one of the holiday pack blends. Felt calm and reserved alll dayyy


                Ad down