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Girl at work

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  • Girl at work

    There is this girl at work who is 25 yrs old that i like a lot quiet and shy hard to find connection with. Today I wore Xist two sprays on the neck left and right side of neck. Noticed more eye contact and little more conversation but want more talking at work and connection with her. I want her to come to me and talk and be conversational and form a connection possible relationship.

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    That's a really tough ask, if she is shy it would be very hard to get a pheromone concoction to get her to talk to you. Also might depend on her ethnicity. I find Taboo and Xist work REALLY well for this, perhaps someone can offer some more advice. I would guess Xist + Taboo + Cohesion might be interesting. Xist works really well over multiple exposures. Taboo in my experience keeps you on her mind, which can entice her to think about something to say next time you meet.

    Another one that works really well for me, getting people wanting to talk to me randomly is Celebrity (3+ sprays and you're a literal celeb). But downside with this one in my experience is I cannot steer it sexual, it's like you're everyone best FRIEND.


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      She is fair white female with glasses and a sort of dorky nerdy side and personality


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        I’ve always paired Xist with other mones to generate interest. The thing to look out for with spray is that unless you’re the only person in the room your cloud may be attributed to another guy instead of you. You can still work with what you have, but why not spark some conversation with her over your work break? You’re still a man, Gotta lead the interaction.


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