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  • Ascend+Evolve+Cohesion report

    Having problems with confidence I decided on ordering a spray bottle of Ascend, because I already use cohesion and evolve I went for the ACE pack as also had a good discount if bought as a pack.

    My usual formula of 2xCohesion + 1xEvolve + 1x Xist has been working well for me and seems to work with my personality. Not being great confidence wise somebody mentions trying Ascend, so gave it a go.

    First off today I was aware that Ascend was going to be quite smelly, I thought people were over reacting but being cautious I sprayed one spray on some paper before spraying on myself, and my eyes and nose were opened to how smelly this was! It was not like any lady area I have ever smelled, smelt more like excrement. Anyway was well aware of this and it has probably been gone over hundreds of times, I straight away decided on 1XAscend and try and cover it with scent, thinking the cops smell would also calm down. In total I had 1xAscend + 2xCohesion + 1xEvolve. I tried to cover the Ascend with Jean Paul Gaultier Le male, which I think is a bit too light, this scent has worked great with my usual mix but it did not cover the cops smell at all!

    Went to work feeling a little apprehensive as all i could smell was the Ascend, as much science behind this, I just couldn't imagine anybody wanting to be close to me smelling like this. I also was doubting it would be good for my confidence as I would have to display an Alpha image to pull the signature off.

    The first thing I noticed was that people seemed more serious around me and people didn't seem as much at ease when talking to me as if I was intimidating, not scared though but a bit more cautious around me. The office clown come attention seeking arse with the wobbly lip every time I talk to a woman seemed to be getting louder as if he was trying to compete more with me, he is usually like this but he seemed even more of an arse today, making loads of stupid noises and trying to butt in every time I was conversing with women.

    As the day went on I tried to lighten it up by being more jovial rather than serious, and I found women opened up a little and I saw some glimpses of what Ascend does. One woman (41 years old not really attracted to her) who I was auditing kept calling me lord <surname> and saying things like lead on lord <surname> e.t.c which was out of character and she wasn't very chatty but she kept invading my space and telling me to lead on and she will just follow, she kept rubbing her bottom against me "accidentally". Was out of character.

    Later on in the audit my boss (who i fancy, 53 years old and think she knows I fancy her) came in and so did this Italian attractive woman (35 years old). Well I got chatting to the Italian woman and she was displaying signs of enjoying my company and as soon as she started giggling at what I was saying my boss was straight around trying to get in the middle of it all. I know why because me and my boss have some chemistry and she plays this game of knowing I am attracted to her, so she likes to use this to boost her ego and so gets quite possessive of me and can be flirty. The Italian woman isn't usually as chatty as she was with me today so a change there.

    Later on I had to talk to my boss about the audit and it was a mix of her being unsure and excitement. We sat close together which isn't out of the ordinary, I noticed though that she was crossing her legs towards me a lot more than usual and her foot was nearly stroking my leg, she seemed excited but not totally out of the ordinary as she reacts similarly with Evolve, the problem seemed to be though after a few minutes she moved a way from me a little but her legs remained crossed towards me as if she was saying hang on whats happening here. The girl I was auditing was on her knees in front of me as well whcih was an odd place to stand, my bosses leg was kind of shielding her from me which I took as body language with her possessiveness creating a barrier between me and the woman I was auditing. Later on I also had to perform training with another woman (42 years old) in the office with my boss present and my boss kept looking over and was trying to get involved in what I was saying to the woman I was training and at one point came over and started discussing things. She often plays this game of wanting to see if she can get my attention over other women. It all seemed like she didn't like the fact I was training this other woman.

    So overall I have seen differences in my day using Ascend. The smell really is terrible and probably need a better/stronger cover scent. I did get more respect off some people but then found that some people expected me to lead and found people were more open to challenging me as if I had gone up a level and were challenging my status. Self effects were that I felt more serious and I did feel more confident but found it tiring keeping up the facade. The woman I fancy who acted a little more intimidated than usual so while she usually calls me over and my old mix of Evolve,Xist and Cohesion seems to excite her and she acts a bit flirty and crushy and its all quite light. The Evolve, Cohesion and Ascend Excited her but there was this intimidation factor she didnt seem comfortable with and she wasn't as light hearted or playful with conversation it had a more serious short tone.

    Think I will experiment with Ascend a bit more as it definitely worked for me in a way, some positives as definitely gained some respect but not sure whether I can keep up the facade of being a high status guy and the seriousness and battling all day for status , when my old mix of Evolve, Cohesion and Evolve seems to get me hits as a beta guy and women seem to be comfortable and playful even if I do get a bit of lack of respect.

    Just wanted to try it out even though I am happy with my current mix, wanted to change a bit and see if I could get a bit more respect.

    Oh and I got a shower as soon as I got in to get rid of the darn smell lol!!

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    Welcome to the alpha world, my friend. If you want to be high status be prepared for jealousy and shit testing. I guarantee you that if you stand up to them they will back down. Even the loud mouthed jerk. I've seen it hundred times. They're all wannabes. I assure you that a true alpha recognizes one of his own and unless you are competing for the same woman he won't hassle you. IME a true alpha will give you a tip of the hat, as it were. not shit test you. What you're encountering at work are insecure betas. A true alpha knows he has nothing to fear. He will see you as a peer.

    What you describe regarding the women sounds like classic ACE reactions. Your boss sees you as hers. I'm sure with XiSt she saw that "perfect boyfriend" element and lacking any competition has claimed you as her own. Now all of a sudden you show up with cops and there are other women vying for your attention. She's probably thinking ok he's banging someone but whom. Then these women give you attention, one even submitting to you. Now she's wondering which one it is. So she's protecting her "possession". She's rubbing up against you. Part aroused, part defensive. She feels the need to up her game. She's also showing classic signs of cock blocking. All this coupled with a high status signature probably has her scrambling. She's probably digging your alpha vibe but she's not sure what to make of it all. If you reciprocate her feelings give her a sign that she has nothing to worry about. Otherwise, enjoy the attention but be careful. She holds power and can make any of these women's lives miserable. Choose wisely, my friend. Right now you, yourself, hold a lot of power and it is within your choice that the direction of all this takes.

    A note about the tends to die down after 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, as KateD has pointed out, women don't respond to the smell of pheros the way men do. I'm sure that if cops were horrid smelling to a woman she would caution you. I've never read of her doing that. In fact, she states that cops make her horny. Horny and awful smelling can't coexist.

    Good luck, my friend and happy moning.
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      Bob111 If you want something for confidence without the leader vibe, you could try straight cops. A lot of people like its self effects. You can also try SOB, it will give you lots of confidence and also a bad boy vibe. You'll feel kind of arrogant with it on, and your confidence might skyrocket lol

      Just be aware that cops are smelly, so you'll NEED a cover! You can also spray it or put oil on your chest, under your shirt. It will still give you self effects and will have an effect on other, with maybe shorter range. It help with the smell a lot tho

      Straight cops is Desire Me oil for men by the way. Also SOB is my number one choice from XS, stinky but soo good!


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        welcome to the world of pheromones, and DEFINITELY a warm welcome to ascend with copulins ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Evolve is an incredibly sexual mix. You seem to have pulled off the ACE combo quite well.


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          Thanks for all the advice, yeah it has worked quite well. The whole jerk in the office scenario is pretty tiring but i did stand up to him the other day, I was asking a woman a question and he started making load noises and groaning every time, so I turned round and just said "Do you mind I'm trying to talk to someone and I can't hear what they are saying to me, I'm effing sick of it and you need to start showing me a bit of effing respect, alright".... not being the confident type I was proper pooping myself at that point, but what happened surprised me, he seemed to proper s**t himself and he was like oh right you want me to leave and go next door and do some work then, so I just said "yes I would". His lip was wobbling but he actually got up and left without any kind of altercation. I saw he tried to look at my boss on his way out as if to say I was a bit cuckoo, but she didn't respond to him. She later gave me a bit of a pat on the back for for standing up for myself. This was without wearing Ascend by the way lol!
          nobody does anything about him as he flies off the handle at the slightest thing, which means he gets pandered to so people have an easy life.

          Going to try Ascend on its own next week see if I can hit a sweet spot with it.

          I love Evolve when it hits my boss she is crossing her legs one way then the other, she kind of squeezes her hand between her legs against her lady parts and she pats and rubs her chest or neck when talking to me, it all seems dependant on her cycle though as every month I get a crazy week where she just wants me next to her and colleagues joke that I am getting my "bitty", the eye contact gets insane and a few times she has done this weird thing where she has looked into my eyes all dreamy as if she is staring through me and into my soul lol! She also goes a bit crazy with making sure I have her attention and no other woman's. Though with her cycle i then get an average 2 weeks out of the month where its a mix of great eye contact mixed with periods of looking uncomfortable that we are sharing a lot of eye contact. Then I get the other week in the cycle where I become all but invisible and the Evolve seems to kind of irritate her as if I am pushing myself on her and she becomes quite closed, I have learnt on those days to use softer products such as cohesion and Xist together. Also I find she seems more aroused about 2 hours after I have sprayed which I assume is when the Evolve still has social but the sexual side starts to evolve!

          My boss is quite complex and is one of the reasons I fancy her, with her cycle she seems to like being in control and alpha herself as a female, she loves to compete with other women and bitchy about other women and likes to be the woman at the centre of male attention but then at a different part of her cycle she likes men to be dominant and you get the feeling she wants to be taken charge of. It's a real rollercoaster!

          Cheers I wondered what Desire me was!


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            Of course it's a rollercoaster, she's a woman. Show me one who isn't a rollercoaster. Lol God love 'em.

            Nice job with the loudmouth. You handled it perfectly. Hit him with some Ascend to reinforce your dominance.

            Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more.
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              Welcome Bob111,
              Do you think you had that boost ​​​​​​because you must have smelled the ascend bottle if not wore that day? It happpens as self effect. Whichever it is, you did so great. And your stand sent a wave all over the office especially among females. In this situation Ascend will amplify when you wear. Scottie said it right.
              Good reading your reports.


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