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Received the Bliss and Vibe :)

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  • Received the Bliss and Vibe :)

    Received the package along with three samples PSE, Flirt, and Connections. And ofcourse Poprock Candy.
    Lot of to the packer and note writer.

    1) The Bliss 30ml unscented spray.

    (The sample worked well during store visits).

    Anyway... I will have to try this one and feed back.

    2) The Vibe 30ml. Scented with Fresh Musk. I expected actual musk smell atleast similar to the IMPI red. I thought atleast the after notes will smell like musk, but not.
    Its a good fragrance and lasts long, still its totally different. It is exactly like Darbar attar which is very commonly used in our area. Wish I had ordered it unscented or tested the cover scent samples before.

    I tried the Vibe yesterday, it seemed to work well. Got vip compliments from a family I visited.
    Good wishes, see you.

    (I apologise for complaining more than feedback.....)
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    Falvinski what would you say the main difference is between bliss and vibe?

    Also, I want to know what is darbar attar? Can you send me a link? is it this?

    I want to buy some


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      Originally posted by eternitys_child View Post
      Falvinski what would you say the main difference is between bliss and vibe?

      Also, I want to know what is darbar attar? Can you send me a link? is it this?

      I want to buy some

      I haven't experienced the Bliss self effects, but it blisses the surrounding, catches their attention. Any how for me it may not be too noticeable, but feels like there is something good.
      According to product specifications, the Vibe contains Bliss and some others. Vibe felt exactly as is described. VIP treatment. Its like for e.g.- even when you do something for someone as help, they feel guilt that they are getting such things done from you. You know conservative people, they dont express innerself much, but they will still show hits through something else.

      (Attar means a perfume derived from natural resources through distillation process). Darbar attar is a complex perfume, made out of multiple flowers and woods. Its one of the oldest, since centuries. The smell is like well rounded and balanced from all sides. Also contains little amount of oud. If you are in USA, people around will love it because its not common there.
      It is commonly found here in local shops. The product at ebay link seems good. Indian seller. Just found myfragranceoils also have it at same cost, and they seem US based.
      So select according to shipping cost and time.
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        As i told in the other thread, i use Bliss at hospital, funeral and shops situations just lately.
        In hospitals, the patient felt nice when I went near. And the relatives of the patient no matter how much in rush they are, talking with doctors, completing the report file work, they are still attentive towards my visit.
        Couple of times used Vibe along with Bliss, it amplifies that effect.
        The Vibe scented with PXS Fresh musk (but not smells like musk, almost like Darbar)
        Wearing this combo, visited a friends shop for an hour. Experienced two customers at different times, hanging around for almost 20 minutes, just to take the scent. One asked what is this fragrance? After lurking around for 20 minutes he asks the shopkeeper, can you ask him what perfume is he wearing? Shop keeper laughed and asked him to ask to me by himself, and said really a good scent feels like want to smell more. Other customer took interest in what I was buying, and kept watching.


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