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what pheromone is good for getting the girl to make the first move

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  • what pheromone is good for getting the girl to make the first move

    hey guys whats the best pheromone to get the girl to make the first move say you are at the mall and really close to a girl I'm completely new to pheromones and don't know what first one to get

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    EricR! It is nice of you to stop by and I hope our products can open up a whole new set of doors for you and make you discover things about yourself you never knew existed.

    Before the guys swing in and give you some advise, I wanted to ensure you know what pheromones are and that you don't have any expectations that may cause you to get ripped of by these companies that promise you magic in a bottle.

    What are pheromones?

    A pheromone is a chemical signal that naturally occurs in all animals, including humans, that changes the behavior of anyone exposed to it. Pheromones are hormones that work outside the body, called ectohormones, and are triggered by many types of behavior including, attraction, respect, bonding, trust, and sexual arousal to name but a few.

    These naturally occurring chemicals can be typically found in human sweat and thus abundantly on our skin. Think of pheromones as silent messengers working to signal those around you of your trustworthiness, that silent bond between siblings or a mother and child, the thrill you get when your crush enters the room. They can also signal fear, anger or rejection.

    A layman's way to describe pheromones is to use the stages in puberty in children. They have so many hormones running through their bodies during this transitional stage in their lives, what the body doesn't require to function is secreted out through their glands. They are essentially screaming at others that they are so full of these hormones their body can afford to throw away as sweat the excess. In other words they are so rich and healthy in hormones they are virtually telling everyone around them to look at them. In that respect, pheromones can be looked on as the bling of the bodies hormones. We adorn ourselves in gold and jewelry to proclaim status and the body adorns itself in pheromones to do exactly the same.

    If you are shy or don't want to approach a girl and she approaches you, what then? Are you looking for something that you spray on and it lets girls come to you and then let them just take it from there while you enjoy the ride?

    What do you expect from mones and why would you want her to approach you instead of the other way around?

    Using the goals system , what you are looking for in terms of approaching is under the social section and the flirting section and here is a list of the products in those categories.

    Each product page has a detailed description of the product and what it does, there is also loads of reviews

    I hope my response was helpful and the more you tell us about yourself and what you plan to achieve with mones, the more we can assist you

    Also, your pheromone journey is not gonna be as effective or where it should be if you wait for others to give you the info you need. The information you need to figure out what works best for you is available so take charge because no one knows you or what you want better than you do


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      Social anxiety and the fear of approaching women can be debilitating. The good news is it can be overcome. I'm living proof of that. I used to be painfully shy but now i can open any woman, any time, anywhere. A little courage and a lot I practice and you can overcome it. Remember, courage doesn't mean the absence of fear, it means acting in the face of fear. I promise you women won't chew you up and spit you out. Most are very friendly.

      Pheros can help but don't expect them to do all the work. You hafta do your part. Yes with certain molecules the odds of some women approaching you may increase but most expect the man to approach. Don't expect that to change anytime soon.
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