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Evolve causing agression and anger with wife - any help appreciated.

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  • Evolve causing agression and anger with wife - any help appreciated.

    I'm new here and have recently brought a stack of products from here and Androtics as well as Wolf.

    I used Evolve oil last night, 1 drop spread from the base of my neck as far down my chest and tummy as it would go. Got into bed with wifey and she immediately said "you've got that horrible smell on, I wish you wouldn't, it makes me angry". The cover scent is Fsx and she says nothing with the same scent in Exist or Cohesion.

    Any advice as I had previously has some improvement from her with TUTH but wanted more. Is this common ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I think she noticed the mones smell Evolve Oil is Potent Product, i use evolve oil with Sultan Oud cover and I still notice the mones smell, i will suggest you to spray a perfume on the area of application before, let it dry then apply evolve oil to that area. i prefer paco 1 million or armani code it does the job

    Fxs scent is light i never ordered with Potent product such as Evolve, SOB or Ascend
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      I use FXS ,SHAKE WELLLL before applying but hey if your wifey sensitive on the mone, lower the dosage. Secondly evolve don't make people angry. Did you wear anything prior to this?How long you let it dry down?You just can't put the mone on and in three seconds expect the fuck to instantly happen. But yes you could put on a lil cologne on if the scent is still too mone heavy.


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        Interesting idea to put on the cologne first. I was wearing Xist X2 and Cohesion X1 on wrists and a squirt of Million on the neck. But it doesn't seem to matter what I wear, she only reacts when the Evolve is on. Gap wise I think I had put it on about 40 mins before, could be a bit less or a bit more.


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          There are a couple of possible scenarios (maybe more than what's listed so far).

          There are some cases where people can pick up a smell that we can't and it either bothers them or it doesn't.

          Is it normal for you to wear scented stuff when getting into bed? I'm assuming it was about bedtime (unless you two had plans ) and if its not normal to where cologne or anything scented before going to sleep, it may be bothersome if she had intended to sleep.

          Cologne goes on first because of the alcohol. If you put on the oil first and then applied cologne over it, the alcohol would lift up the oil pheromone contents as it evaporates, which would result in WAAAY too much coming out at once and is equivalent to an overdose, which in turn usually results in negative reactions.
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            Thank you for the suggestions. I think I might try with a half drop on already applied cologne at least an hour before bed time. I mixed 1 drop of Evolve with 2 Xist and 1 Cohesion, applied half in the morning and half after lunch. She didn't say anything, but we rowed last night so that's perfectly normal !


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