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Evolve XS scent

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  • Evolve XS scent

    Hi all, couple of months ago i received my first ever pheromones: Evolve XS. I was wondering what your experiences are with the 'natural scent'. I think it smells really nasty like very strong urine. Even when i mask it with my own perfume i still smell it. Also a female during a party mentioned it. She said that she smelled urine somewhere. Another female mentioned that i smelled nice, but that it had something 'weird'. It made me a bit insecure about using it.

    At first i used one spray directly on my chest, followed with two sprays of my own perfume. This resulted in the above interactions. I also experimented with spraying it on a small piece of cloth and then rub it on my chest, and sometimes wrists (pulse points). Followed by 1 spray of perfume.

    I did notice some positives as well, like women and also men being more social around me at the bar, approaching me suddenly and seeming more interested in me than what i am used to.

    Am i doing something wrong? Is this just how it is? Or is my product not ok? I hope you can give me some feedback.

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    I haven't tried evolve unscented before but even the one I have (ADG) scented still has a strong mone smell, am waiting for the 30 ml to be available again to get it unscented, I don't think you have anything to worry about, it's normal for mones to have a weird smell even when covered with a scent, I've heard "you're perfume smells nice but weird" so many times before 😅 specially when wearing cops blends like sob, your best bet is to find a stronger scent to cover it, and for the application points I usually spray it on my forearm or sometimes back of my neck, I tried spraying it on my clothes before and didn't see any results, not sure if it's due to slower diffusion or as some people used to post about the skin bacteria interacting with the mones


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      Thanks for sharing your experience! Good to know that it is normal

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    Merely just wearing a mone can make other people "feel" like there's someone around who should look to be the one wearing the mones but when people figure out its you who is drawing in that vibe they don't seems to puzzle in the feel to look ratio. Do some life improving things such as go to the gym, wear some nice clothes, keep remembering to maintain correct posture; for now. Try and also experiment with different colognes, in the forums there are scents that work and cover better than others.


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