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Pheromone Compositions for Humor/Wit/Riffing?

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  • Pheromone Compositions for Humor/Wit/Riffing?

    Pondering/Seeking a blend for better comedic riffing ability.

    Me and my friends started a podcast (through voice chats), but I can't riff well in a vacuum.
    I can make people laugh in-person easy enough (though not hysterically).

    In prior experience, MX297 was able to improve this noticeably. External/social implications aside, the self-effects were valid. Conceptually and in delivery I was killing it, things "lined up". People started recording me, and they hold up. Meanwhile, the last 8 episodes of the podcast, I've been flat.

    Imagine Odyssey/Vibe/Limitless could assist here? Would be nice if it helped me laugh at things more too.

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    In my experience, since i'm a working performer. Odyssey would be provide that. Limitless is great, Vibe is more of a, as the name suggests in person vibe for others occasionally i get more affected by it, not as much as Engage. Another is Outspoken can make you go on a lot of rants with not much value per 100 words said lets say. Sounds like also you need to make sure you are getting enough sleep to work with the mixes and be sure you bring in your energy to fill the room without being too loud. That's why writers block exists lol, its hard to have more interesting subtopics to talk about.


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