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I don’t seem to get selfies. Why?

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  • I don’t seem to get selfies. Why?

    Alphas like Bad Wolf and Alpha Treasures don’t make me feel confident (already am to be fair), Copulins don’t make me horny in the slightest, A1 doesn’t give me depression, nothing from plain androstenone either.

    I’ve read that some people just are going to be less affected by the pheromones you wear. Does this mean I might be one of those people who pheromones don’t have an effect on?

    I have never measured my testosterone but I assume it’s in the normal to high range based on my lifestyle. I am 100% straight so I would at least expect Copulins to do something, but nope. I don’t even get better workouts with them.

    That said, I do recall Barely Legal making me feel goofy, but further testing didn’t show that result and I’ve chalked it up to the circumstances at the time.

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    The test level is probably a factor but I can't think of a way to test it as test labwork chemistry isn't cheap. theories are on both sides. Everyone is different. If your test is 600 and cops jump it to 700 you aren't going to tell the difference.

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      Would high testosterone negate the self effects of all of those mones? Negate depression from A1? I’ve read it negates the anxiety some people get from alphas like bad wolf.

      Would that also mean that I shouldn’t be wearing those alpha products but instead go more for comfort products?


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        Its probably more complex than that. I think high alpha products have affected my adrenaline as well as cortisol levels among other things.

        I was talking to a urologist about testosterone and I think what he told me applies to pheromones a bit. He told me that test is not something where you treat the number but rather you treat the symptoms. I'd got into that conversation by saying my numbers are such and such and I would like them to be in a particular range. I don't want to be boorish or get onto a steroid-type rage.

        Pheromones are like that too, If you think your "symptoms" indicate something, buy or request samples. Frankly, the sprays are cheap so I just bought them. Another option is to star learning about putative and single molecules. These are really nice. Some of my favorite molecules to soften stuff up are xsp96 xsp74 Anone xsp119 but i also own molecules typically regarded as feminine and use them in very light doses and one at a time.

        A lot of that research can be found in the research section but another place to look is the lady's section. They have done a ton of work steering blends with putative in many different ways. We guys have done a lot of work but we tend to steer toward sex whereas the ladies like to alter the social and status and power landscapes

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