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NON-SEXUAL social?

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  • NON-SEXUAL social?

    I want something social (open, friendly, engaging, fun) that's appropriate for children. No flirting, romance, or sexual. Low dominance. Mild feminine is okay for this one.

    Most products target the opposite effects.

    Obvious candidate molecules:
    • DHEA
    • DHEAS
    • astaxanthin
    • estratetraenol
    • pregnenolone
    • androsterone sulfate

    Might want to avoid:
    • beta-THDOC - avoidance effect
    • alpha-androstenol - rude effect
    • beta-androstenol - introversion effect

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    your a man so neno and s sulfate is good. products, try mascot


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      inbetween works good in family setting ime


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        I would have been terrified if someone wore mones specifically to influence my kids or any other kids for any reason. Are you seriously giving advices on something like that? Muestereate eroque


        • eroque
          eroque commented
          Editing a comment
          mila i dont know if your comment was because i mention if acro was a man, but estratetraenol is a women pheromone. just to clarify. u seem to point false suspicious assumptions. not good.

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        Nope, It seems you are reading something into It. When I said family, they are all 50+.

        But we used to have a person here that wore them around her daughter all the time and not just socials. She would experiment with stuff around her husband and of course her child was with them.

        I personally have very little experience with people younger than college age except for a few encounters in coffee shops or just mingling around while shopping etc. I wear them everywhere day or night whenever I go out. It's just pheromones. Everyone has them whether you spray them on or not.

        Did you notice this thread is about non sexuals?


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          Originally posted by Mila View Post
          I would have been terrified if someone wore mones specifically to influence my kids or any other kids for any reason. Are you seriously giving advices on something like that?
          Wow, terrified. Such a strong reaction, I wonder what thoughts are playing out in your head.

          The idea is to help shy kids relax and play with other kids, so they aren't alone just because they're too afraid to go talk to another kid. In 20 years, this could be standard practice to help shy kids.

          I know what you're thinking. "What if a shy kid made friends?" The horror.


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            You could try Celebrity which is a good one
            XSPerfumes 10ml Sprays Comply,Sexy Confidence,Bitch, Celebrity, Babe,XSential Body Spray for women, P86, P114,P106,Mascot,Engage,BNOL,Sweetness,EST, Tease,Odyssey,Temptress,Flirt,Fairytale,Girlfriend ,Sleaze
            Testers:Babe,Happiness,Temptress,Inbetween,Cohesio n

            Oils: Fantasy,Copulin,Connections,DesireMe,Xist,Neno,EST
            From a lab IsoE Super+Ambroxan


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              How old are we talking? I tend to think of pheromones as conditioned responses and before puberty I would think their conditioning to scents is more focused on scents associated with mom. I also recall being very very sensitive to perfumes, foods, and even garage scents from my dad's workshop. I mostly recall linseed oil and wood chips from carving gunstocks, hoppes number 9 solvent, castor oil from the racing engines, tobacco, and what probably was androsterone. All of these except androsterone were exciting to me but not social.

              Mom smelled mostly of food, linen, soaps, and sometimes Lily of the Valley. It was the scent of housework. It was not exciting but it was comforting and safe.

              What II recall as a child that made me want to play and engage had a lot to do with being cooped up in class, locked in those four walls, the desks, and disciplined and then finally all of us getting released for recess. We all had that in common. It was actually getting away from adult supervision that unleashed our creativity and play. It was the smell of green grass, a good portion of mud and steel playground toys, the iron from the chain of a swing, a bit of damp wood from a seesaw, and then more steel from the monkey bars.

              Some of those more exciting scents could be associated with my dad's workshop I guess, wood, steel, grease. Fahrenheit cologne by Dior comes to mind as does Old Spice.

              With these sorts of scents, I usually wear API and a bit of androstanone 5 mcg max but with kids you might cut that in half. In fact I think you may have to cut doses to half or less than half of regular doses since their senses are so much more acute. I might pop on about 5mcg of XP102, an emotional amplifier.

              I would not look for results while they were in your presence though. Instead, I would look for changes in demeanor when they are cut loose. The API would put them in the cooker a bit and the rebound out of the adult constraints might amplify.

              Pure theory because I'm not around kids much. I have one 5-year old boy I bump into with his mom about once a month and I don't think he likes mones or colognes much to be honest but happy experimenting. If you are talking about teenagers, everything I just said is moot. I think they start to react to pheromones in adolescence and may react to alpha androstenol and even a smidge of enone a couple of years earlier.


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                This thread has been brought to my attention numerous times now, and there are several ways to address this. The first is I will not censor free speech as that seems to be a popular trend right now, mainly when opinions differ. We all have opinions, and more often than not, they will be different. I once banned someone for wanting to "seduce" children after repeated other community standards violations. I believe it's a much different scenario in this thread.

                In reality, everyone, everywhere, is exposed to pheromones as our bodies naturally produce them. There is no getting around that. I've also said pheromones don't discriminate and work on EVERYONE you come into contact with, especially yourself. Does anyone remember my Comply fiasco with my accountant?

                With that said, I understand Mila's point as a reasonable and valid reaction. However, as a realist and irregardless, if you want to admit it or even believe it, I am sure we all are coming into contact with children in our daily life and thus influencing them. I will say the responses, especially from children, have a way of filtering out (ghosting) false signatures. In adolescents (normal kids that have not been sexually exploited), brain chemistry will not recognize sexual blends because that is not of their programming. However, the brain may still react negatively (stranger danger). It's that gut feeling that something is off.

                On the other hand, I also understand acro's post, and thank you for the additional clarification. Pheromones are not therapeutic, though, and have no value in that area, especially where children are involved. It would be illegal and irresponsible for any pheromone vendor to make such claims. Personally, I get a lot of value out of pheromones, and they have changed my life, especially since I was a former shy guy. It's a slippery slope!

                Jasmin was against ever wearing pheromones around her babies, but on that same note made blends for some mothers. There's no clear answer here except that children should be afforded every opportunity to "naturally" develop life skills whenever possible. I guess the real question is the definition of possible!

                Kids should be protected at all costs.

                Steve O

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