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Which pheromones smell like her p*ssy?

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  • Which pheromones smell like her p*ssy?

    I ordered pheromones a long time ago and I remember that only one worked for me, which smelled like pussy. But I can't remember which pheromone smelled like that. I know Copulin B smells like that; but I didn't order that one. Can anyone tell me which pheromones smell like p*ssy?

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    Copulins oil or desireMe if you want spray

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      Does XiST have any ingredient that smells like pussy?

      Originally posted by Muestereate View Post
      Copulins oil or desireMe if you want spray


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        No, Ascend has a miniscule amount but can be ordered with double strength. There are some molecules that smell pissy (not pussy) to some people but they don't to me. A LOT of womens products have copulins in them but there is a unisexy called glow that has a lot. As a guy, just order the spray or oil cops dpg (single molecule pages)and add to your combos since most men's products don't have it in them. sometimes the women like it and other times it triggers them negatively.

        When I first started I order DesireMeplus spray and got it fragranced with Sexy Amber female scent. It smelled exactly like my 18 year old GF but was too feminine for me to wear out. DesireMe plus had trace amounts of Alpha Androstenol which some people have said smells a bit like urine but actually it is the other way around. Female urine has some pheromones, Like Est comes to mind.

        Look in item descriptions and research which basic pheromone molecules can be found in urine versus sweat, saliva or semen and you may start running into pheromones that remind you of the more complete bouquet of Vagina. It could be an interesting combo blend Est and cops are already found in Sleaze but as I said earlier. a lot of the womens products have these two components plus others and Steve has already done the research and blending. Request samples of these female blends with your regular orders and then you won't be stuck with something you can't wear.

        I just remembered SOB has a little cops in it too.

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          Thanks for the pointers. Indeed, my research shows that there is a practice called "vabbing," wherein the woman wears her own vaginal secretion as a perfume. Of course, vabbing is dangerous and counterproductive if the woman has any infection down there. There is some scientific explanation that states that secretion especially one that's collected days prior to ovulation excites men. See: The Human Sexual Response by Richard E. Jones PhD, Kristin H. Lopez PhD, in Human Reproductive Biology (Fourth Edition), 2014. Without research, I would speculate that secretion of a woman not on any birth control pill is more effective.

          The official recommendation of the experts on this topic of "vabbing" is that "there's no scientific evidence." But then again, there is no scientific evidence that someone with a first name that begins with letter E and lives on the 3rd floor of a townhouse in a humid city will ever type a string of vowels "AEIOU" on a message board.

          I didn't have much luck from different pheromones I tried over the years, until one day when I was sitting next to this girl in class (she has bf, never liked me and often insulted me) she stopped talking.. was dead quiet for like 5 minutes, then she giggled at me suddenly. I knew she had a quiet orgasm sitting next to me. I was an orgasm donor! She was very sweet that day, offering me food like I was her bf. I have to now go through all my past orders and really figure out which pheromone that was


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            It smells great lol I like the sweet stench ahhh.
            and it works very well.
            mood elevating, sexy, and smooth.
            I always recommend 1 spray.
            Especially if you showered the night before and apply it the next day.

            Or even on aged pheromone application after a long day.

            It used to be my daily mone for over a year.


            Ad down