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Question about reporting results

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  • Question about reporting results

    Hi there!

    I've been wearing pheromones for a very short time. But have seen results. And I would love to share some of them. But, I wear several products at the same time, from three different companies. Xist is the only one from pXS. And so far the latest I've added.

    It's a bit of experimentation. Each new product I receive I add to the previous ones and see if there's any difference. And Xist certainly makes a difference! It's good stuff for real.

    But reporting any effects would be reporting effects I notice from a combination of products. And my scientific mind does not allow incomplete data. If I want to report properly, I would need to name the other products as well.

    My question is, is that allowed on this forum and to what extend? Of course I will not discuss them in-depth. But some things would need to be mentioned.

    So that's what I'd like to know. Now I'll go back to looking forward to FedEX delivering Ascend tomorrow. It felt like there was a missing element and judging by its description, it would fit there perfectly.

    Nice day!!

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    You can lost ones from other companies
    Pheromone XS
    Oil: evolve, xist
    Spray: Xist, Evolve, cohesion, sob


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      Your personal journal would be the best all around for this. You can say anything there. Other companies subsection is a good place too. There is one section that is mostly about XS products, This one right here. XS products for men. There is nothing wrong with putting combos in existing threads but I would shy away from putting other manufacturers product name in the title of any new threads. You won't get in trouble but it "could" get moved. Reports in this section should mostly be about xs products and other product mentioned in casual passing. If you start getting real comprehensive about someone else's product, just consider if it might help others better in another section. A new person will not come to this section looking for comprehensive notes about another mfg in the XS section. That said, the girls don't bite real hard, they just move it with a little note.

      Just mentioning as you described can be done anywhere.

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