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Potential combos

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  • Potential combos

    Hi, I know about pheromones for some time but I am quite new I to using it.
    I have some basic, have seen like almost every post on pherotruth or here on discoverxs, but I haven't found what I am exactly looking for, so i hope that I am posting this into the right place.
    So, I love this girl, shes a long time friend and yeah, I guess I am friendzoned. I was out with her and our other girl friend and I used Xist + some Evolve (now I know that I shouldn't use too much sexual, but a lot of guys on pherotruth say that something sexual like evolve should be used with xist...so I did it) + 4 sprays of love boat and connections SAMPLES...so i guess that's like 2-3 actual sprays and I also added one drop of A1.
    first hour and half was normal, but then after like 2 hours things started to get interesting and I believe the pheromones were actually working. My crush started talking about sexual stuff like her using sex toys and her fantasies, she was showing me photos of her trying new clothes and I could see her butt or underwear.
    she really went from her normal(not talking about sex and being restrained) to Party mod. She was asking me the same question all the night = "what your planes are after i go home" basically... then she was like that she wants to party with me but at the same time she wants to go home. There were some more hits and i feel that for the first time pheromones were really working.

    From different vendors i have also NA, voodoo, Certo, NPA, Bad Wolf, but i feel that pheromoneXS stuff is what i need now, so I ordered the whole bottles of connections and love boat and taboo instead of that samples

    so what I am asking for:

    what do you guys think about combining XIST + Loveboat + connections
    XIST + loveboat + connections + Evolve + A1
    Xist + loveboat + connections + Evolve + A1 + Taboo
    or different combinations of these

    I dont know know if it was connections what have opened her so much, of if it was some other mone.
    The main thing is that i cant see her often, last time it was almost a year after I saw her because of Covid and because shes probably not into seeing me even i am one of her best friends and she's my best, so I can't test it a lot and can't try all the mones one by one, I have tried to make some working combo that would make her wanting to see me more.

    I was kinda scared that I overdosed, but then it started working, they were searching for that eye contact and talking to me, they wanted to sit next to me and touching me all the night, so I was like WTF is this witchcraft??

    But again,
    Was that combo OK? Should I combinate XIST with less products?
    Something that would work the next time I see her to not just make her horny but to actually imprint her.

    Thanks a lot

    Something about us
    Both 22 yo caucasian, living in Europe.
    I am not some sexual alpha intimidating guy and she's not a typical "hoe". She's more about femine guys, but I guess you never know...
    she's definetely not into having one night stands, not at all.
    and she's a Christian...but liberal

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    How do you want her to behave around you/ feel for you? Also what do you want connections do that your previous exposures didn't?


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      We are so happy to have you !
      My advise is to try what best works for you .
      Good luck


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