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A Putative Human Pheromone, Androstadienone, Increases Cooperation between Men

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  • A Putative Human Pheromone, Androstadienone, Increases Cooperation between Men

    PLOS ONE: an inclusive, peer-reviewed, open-access resource from the PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE. Reports of well-performed scientific studies from all disciplines freely available to the whole world.

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    An excerpt from the study:

    By Paavo Huoviala, Markus J. Rantala

    Androstadienone, a component of male sweat, has been suggested to function as a human pheromone, an airborne chemical signal causing specific responses in conspecifics. In earlier studies androstadienone has been reported to increase attraction, affect subjects' mood, cortisol levels and activate brain areas linked to social cognition, among other effects. However, the existing psychological evidence is still relatively scarce, especially regarding androstadienone's effects on male behaviour.

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      Interesting read! A1 really has its place in a work mix.
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        Originally posted by Suaviter in modo View Post
        Interesting read! A1 really has its place in a work mix.
        Careful, you don't want to smell too much like piss at work. A1 light seems to really help though, it made my manager think I was very "hardworking" without even knowing me.


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          There is something I dont get from all that dienone research. Not once have I seen any report on males being effected negatively but yet me and many others get lethargic/ depressive depending on cinenctration. For example myself I cant use any more than 75mcg (which is a lot) which is why I can use all commercial likes no problem. However many others, cant even use anything over 10mcg.

          I have a theory that dienone from one vendor to another plays huge role. They dont all act the same and in guessing purity level is at play


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            Interesting. I too wear A1 consistently as a single and mostly with combos. But generally dont go over 50mcgs anymore. I havent seen a high dose effect me negatively, but consistent use of more than a week affects me, in that, i suddenly get lathargy and 1 or 2 instances of very great depression all a sudden. It use to come so sudden and unexpected out of nowhere that at first, i even failed to realise it was because of the A1. And i dont necessarily see male camaradie with A1 at all. I see indifference and unfriendliness from males with A1, and comfort and curshiness etc with women.

            I once read the different purity levels of some
            ????Vendors etc, somewhere by queries in email by members and shared on a forum etc, i just cant remember when or where, but i remember than most are above 98 percent purity. But there are reports that some Vendors A1 are harder hitting than some etc. Its indeed interesting.
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              Between-group differences in testosterone and cortisol change

              Unlike predicted, the olfactory stimulus, did not have a main effect on absolute or relative change scores for neither cortisol [absolute change in cortisol relative change in cortisol

              Surprisingly, the amount of baseline cortisol and olfactory stimulus had an interaction effect on both, the absolute change in testosterone [absolute change in testosterone, In the control group, high levels of baseline cortisol resulted in an increase -or in most cases, a smaller decrease- in testosterone levels, while in the androstadienone receiving group, a high baseline level of cortisol resulted in a slightly larger decrease in testosterone levels.
              This section of that article provides a hint, that A1's effect is dependent on stress (Cortisol). A person with higher stress has a bigger drop in testosterone. I don't know that such miniscule temporary drops in testosterone can cause the depression that people report but I'm pretty sure as I have reduced my own stresses by resolving my personal inner conflicts, A1's negative effect has decreased a lot and useable dose goes up.

              I have to reread the article. A1 seems to drop stress in women so I have to search to understand any cortisol fluctuations in this article and eventually in similar articles concerning women.

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                Nice info.
                Experiment, Experiment, Experiment !!!


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