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How to Make A Simple Perfume

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    I havem't been able to get out much but I did try putting some ambroxan in some PSEL, about 1/3 of a milligram. I need a better scale to measure these small amounts and then I put aa drop of z11, a high concentration ambery musk. Fisrt couple days it was really strong but it has mellowed out. I just haven't had a chance. The only place I've been is the auto parts store No hotties there.


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      Wow this is an amazing thread thank you all for the wonderful input!

      I tried making my own cologne in oil and most was a disaster!

      I got a formula that I make for my diffusion aid, then I add my cologne concentrate that is synthetic and use only MCT oil as my carrier.

      I get all my diffusers from perfumers apprentice.

      I use 2 parts Hedione HC to 1 part regular Hedione and 1 part ISO E Super. I have a magnetic mixer I use and mixed up a 30ML batch, then let sit for a month to blend.
      My concentrate cologne oil is Polo Red from wholesalebodyoils.

      I make a 10ML to put in roll on bottles. I make 10ML at a time using 1ML of my diffuser mix, 4 ML of Red Polo concentrate then add 5 ML MCT oil and blend on medium speed for 10 minutes with my mixer.

      Then I transfer to my 10ML roll on bottle and let sit for a few weeks.

      I have had good luck doing it this way.. I am sure there is a better system,, but this has worked pretty well. I have other scents like Joop, or Irish Tweed to.

      I could not get Perfumers Alcohol to work very well with Hedione, so I use only MCT as my carrier as it blends perfectly with everything.


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        I have not tried hedione but ladies seem to be comfortable around Ambroxan. The car had major crap that diverted funds from this side journey. I would add that my previous experiment seems to have too much Ambroxan and next time I need to cut back. I think I need a new scale that will be my next expense. At this point, I want some hardware and need some more experiments with the different alcohols and carriers. I think there is more floral alcohol that works with Hedione. c6 or c8? I'd have to look up alcohol again. That's another thing, I just need to build up my alcohol collection as part of carriers.


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