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Question about Mones and Sinuses

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  • Question about Mones and Sinuses

    I’m wondering if all this time my Mones have been responsible for my former target’s sinuses flaring up while at work. She has been under the impression that it’s the dirty/dusty office that we work in because she doesn’t have the issue at home but the only other commonality is me wearing Mones while she’s at work. Either way if it’s my fault or the dusty office causing these issues for her, realistically how effective could the Mones be with her sinuses compromised?
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    Given the fact that pretty much all office buildings have years of dust/mold buildup in their ventilation systems that's probably the cause. Over the past 15 odd years of phero use the only incidence of sensitivity and irritation/itchiness the only thing that has caused it is Scent of Eros. Considering the fact that I have used those molecules in other blends without issue then I suspect it was actually the fragrance. If you use more than 6 " of SoE and women sure to rub their noses and sneeze.
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      15 odd years of phero use!!! When are you going to publish your autobiography? Ha!

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      I'm negotiating the rights to a mini series as I type this.

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    I've had sinus problems my whole life and have not noticed anything different when using pheremones. fragrances can though


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