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DHEAS Levels and Age

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  • DHEAS Levels and Age


    One of the single molecules available to us is DHEAS. Most older people want to appear younger. I typically use pregnenolone to give off a more youthful vibe but it appears that DHEAS has a strong correlation to age. I don't know how to look for people's ideas about our age other than to make general observations of the age groups attracted to us other than the, "seems to attract this or that age group".

    But the correlation on the age group on the page 2 graph looks much stronger than that. When we have an overabundance of a hormone, it tends to spill out and quite often through the skin. It makes sense to me that adding a spray or so of DHEAS may attract a younger crowd.

    They are also talking about cortisol which I call the stress hormone but it is actually the hormone that brings us down off of an adrenal rush. It's when we have chronic stress that it builds up. Usually, It's burnt right up. I mention this because DHEAS is used in a lot of playful blends. Relax, have fun, and maybe grab a bottle of dheas to play around with as the weather breaks. I wonder how far it can be pushed LOL

    DHEAS is different than DHEA btw.

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    I love DHEAS.

    At least I think I do, I only recently realized DHEA and DHEAS are different.


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      Yeah DHEA seems darker to me

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    Yes, I like it as well but I haven't given it a real fine dosing experiment, nor have I decided what it was exactly I was seeing with it. If yuo read the article, natural DHEAS levels are different for men and women. Seems like very young males are loaded with it and it declines extremely rapidly and then goes into a more gradual slope.

    I'm guessing very young men could wear a lot of this. I wonder if an overdose on women brings out a tomboyish vibe or does it stay feminine on a female?

    Do you have any experiences Usagi?


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      interesting topic. for me dheas makes things less serious, more playful, attractive. it really goes well with every other mone. good to buffer none and rone, makes it better , upgrades it for me, improves it. depending on the dose its beautifies and promotes a youthful healthy aura. like u said. goddess blend has quite some. i am thinking of combining dheas, s sulfate, pregnenolone and p86 for the ultimate beautifier. then if the blend is for man, some rone, anone or enone if the blend is for women est, copulins etc. jejeje


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        Would be interested in proportions


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