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The Game Thread

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  • Coconut
    The Tight Leather Pants for me are a turn off, i like a natural guy, a guy that wears tight pants is showing he wants to be seen and noticed.
    just my female 2 cents lol

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  • Dignify
    That's some great great info K knowing that you had to rush . I agree with GT, we are all students and we're always learning. I laughed hard at "don't look at her boobs gents", I imagined some one literally looking at a lady's boobs as he's talking with her all the time. And yeah... I do agree that the key with being able to be successful with women starts with one's self (even vice versa).

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    No problem GT it's no hijack. I have read that book (good cover, it's alluring). Learned nothing new myself, but that's a moot point. At ptalk they say be congruent, but that's a new can of worms. When you wear mones it sparks your micro communications to be that of an alpha, or social, or confident guy. That's the stuff women pick up on that they can't explain, the deeper level of sub communication. So if a314 gives you respect and pupil dialation and you act low value and boring the woman questions your micro expressions. That's why one guy can wear a product (297) and be a rock star and others can't, they don't match the microexpressions of the product. My PUA journey is to tr level. Can manipulate an allign the micro expressions without mones, when I use 297 and my pupils dilate and I am congruent so I act loud and fun that imitates fun and state which is super attractive and women fold to you. It's a vicious cycle. But you shouldn't rely on it. Ptalk required you to be congruent because their product wouldn't always elicit the microexpressions they claimed, even between batches of the same product. As far as the fall in love system I make money of of it. I am not sure I will leak it. Maybe in m journal so it has some form of google protection.

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  • 2000GT
    it's always good to know the psychology of social interactions and how women react. I find it amusing that over at ptalk, they bang on and on about "congruency, be congruent with your signature!!!" It's not always that easy especially if the person is far from it. That's like saying, "here, put on this Air Force Pilot's jump suit and be a pilot." Information like this is more of the how and why, which is a much better teaching method. I'm curious, have you ever read Joe Navarro's book, "What is everyBODY saying?" I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know instinctively but it's still a good book and I always recommend it for anyone who has difficulty with social interactions. In that regard, reading body language can be very helpful. Anyone out there that is reading this and is wondering how to get the girl they have been chasing for a while, biggest thing I can say is don't chase and seem desperate. Women can sense that. Chase because you enjoy the chase, as if this is something you do regularly. Makes things more intriguing.

    Sorry Kimba, didn't mean to hijack your thread, just tossing in my two cents. But you've got a great approach so far. I'm interested to hear more about your "fall in love" system. I think it's safe to say that we're all students, even if we're successful at what we do, we never stop learning.

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    started a topic The Game Thread

    The Game Thread

    Hello guys! I had one of these on PTalk and I decided (After some prodding on game related questions via PM) to start one here.

    I currently teach self improvement (Game) in Michigan, I have a few students and take guys out a few nights a week. I am no longer a regular student but an instructor. I have over 50 SNL's and quite a few SDL's. I started game about 5 years ago, right when I started boxing in Detroit. I learned every method available and used it in its purest form for several weeks each, and eventually figured out my own method. I consider myself a 'guru' and have another instructor who works for me (Kid has been in the game over two years, and I have been working on his game with him for six months, some obvious inner game issues he wont work on - but he has great night game) and I have a natural buddy who helps with lifestyle and the importance of competence and learning blind spots. I also have a former student who works the financial end of things and getting me students and a couple girls who work to help with Demo's. It is coming along nicely.

    Enough bragging. I plan on answering any questions on game that come along.

    I have a unique 'fall in love' system I teach which is a pick up strategy from meet to love to sex which is fool proof. My most recent student (My financial business partner) learned game from me a year ago, found a girlfriend currently, but he had some relationship troubles, so I troubleshooted his situation and gave him my fall in love doctrine and BOOM, she posted on facebook he was the one, she wont leave his side, and wont give him flack. Its pretty cool as a teacher.

    I will warn that any and all advice I give was learned or inspired by self help, social engineering, FBI/CIA rapport seminars, and other such works including other PUA's. I do not claim to be the best but I am a theory junkie and study Psychology, NLP, and Inner-Personal relations daily, to the tune of eight hours a day (I have it on my IPOD, take notes while working, and I go out no less than 4 nights a week now gaming to see what works and what does not.).

    I will start this off with a bang, something directly from my Seminar/Class room work for my Bootcamp's:

    I teach what I call the A - A - Q - C Model in my introductory bootcamp. Intro bootcamp is most often me sitting down and teaching a guy the four core areas of game, Approach, Attract, Qualify, and Comfort. I use to teach guys a year ago I boxed with and the retention rate was SUPER LOW. I now teach a monthly progression program so I can cover everything in depth and give guys a week to do 100 approaches with the material and internalize it. I also do email communication to keep on them with questions. For this OP I will go over the basics of the first six hour block of instruction. I teach the Approach, Attraction, Qualification, and Comfort with about 1.5 hours devoted to each to get them up to speed. I also teach a Touching method in this system but for this post will exclude it. This is a very streamlined version off the top of my head, but I hope it helps. I cant cover everything (It would take hours to type out), but I will give a few basic points for each to get the thread rolling.

    The Approach:

    The name of my game is cold approach pick up. Cold approach is going up to a person for the first time and meeting them. A successful cold approach is screening people to be included in your life. This is the mindset everyone should set out with when learning. You have no outcome, you simply want to screen people to see whom fits into your reality.

    The approach begins when you wake up in the morning. Before you roll out of bed the first thing you need to do is tell your self that you woke up, are a man, and as long as you live through the day it was a success. Anything positive that happens in the day just enriches your life, anything negative is simply a learning experience.

    Before you go out their are some basics you must get down pat.


    Identity is who you believe yourself to be. Your identity is how you want the world to see you, and most importantly is the frame of reference you tackel the world with. In social engineering, your Identity is what motivates you to get out of bed every day. It is your internal life drive that inspires you and gives you drive. Your identity is your life drive, passion and purpose. You can game with a bad identity, but a good identity makes this 1000x easier. Your identity is who you are. Simply put, if you had to label yourself, who you are, this is your identity.

    If you work at a gas station, as you a gas pump boy? Or are you a musician who taught himself guitar. Your identity is what you convey to the world. In society we are very keen on social tags which peg you into a role. Who ever has the biggest pay check, the nicest car, the most money in society tends to be the assumed better person. But in life it doesnt work that way.

    Personally, I make a living for the government. Is that who I am? When I first started learning social skills I was a boxer and a student. A boxer was who I was, I had drive and ambition, I had work ethic, I woke up and dedicated my life to honing skills to better myself. I had dedication. My identity was attractive because I enjoyed it and did it for myself.

    As a student I could relate to anyone. We all learned a skill at some point. I am a life long student, I switch my focus from time to time but that is epicenter of my life, learning.

    Now I see myself as a teacher, what I went to college for. I love imparting knowledge to others. I am also a social engineer. I take guys in, and some women, and hack into their minds and figure out their social and mental hang-ups and teach them useful tools to improve their self perception and enrich their lives. You sure as heck can bet I talk about that with people I meet.

    A key distinction is you are not what you own, or how you make money, you are what you spend your free time doing. Your passion in life.

    My buddy on PTruth goes out and sings, thats his identity. He is not his 9 - 5. He is a singer. My wingman (A natural) is in management for a fortune 500 company but his identity is a driven boyfriend who works to craft his future. Thats how he see's himself, that is his means to the end.

    Crafting an Identity is far easier than you could imagine. What do you enjoy doing? Do you enjoy rapping, singing, writing, skiing, skateboarding, acting, etc. The key to identity is having a solid building block for life and your perception of it. I am a social skill teacher, so everything I do revolves around this core concept. This is the driving force in my life.

    Identity is key because it explains why you act the way you are. This is the main focus of what you talk about to people in life, YOURSELF. Most of the tactics and techniques I use revolve around your identity.

    A stock example of your identity for most guys would be a student, because if you are into pheromones here then you are learning and improving your life.

    So, from that point you need to establish the commonality of a student to others, and be enthused about what you are learning. Why did you become a student? What do you enjoy learning about? This is what you talk about. Your hobbies and your philosophy on life. As a student you read books, go to class, and are chasing a goal. What is it?

    Once you have your own identity, you need to convey it to others. A student is easy, you can dress as you want. Other identities, like a rock star or boxer or magician, has a stereo type associated with it all.

    Sexual Stereo types:

    Taking identity deeper, somee ways of dressing and communication resonates with people. People make snap judgments (Better explained in the book BLINK) on people. In a few seconds a woman makes a judgment of you. I teach wrapping your identity into a sexual stereotype.

    A sexual stereotype is a type of style and identity that women and people already have a polarizing reaction too. For example, all women have a special desire for the romance novel esque Fabio, the guy who will seduce them. Or the rock star who has thousands of fans who she can win over. In more practical terms, from Full House, Uncle Jessie, the cool and smooth operator who really has a heart of gold. Or head of the football team, the star athlete.

    When you dress like a person who already gets laid you instantly get his attributes. I personally dress like a normal guy but dress a little better than everyone else, nicer shoes, nice shirt, etc. But I am a game purist. Funny thing is, a lot of my students start dressing like me and get better results, because my button down and dress shoes gets me laid because I stand out. Why do I wear a dress shirt and nice boots to a dive bar? Women take notice.

    Every woman wants to be with the rock star, so the tight leather pants and metal shirt works very well. As does the leather biker jacket, or the mohawk.

    Most PUA's do something called peacocking. Wearing a unique piece of clothing to get attention. If you have seen the show supernatural, the character 'Dean' wears a ring and a necklace. He gets laid a LOT. He is a cool, guys guy who doesnt take shit seriously. But he has a couple unique show pieces to stand out. This works too.

    The key to dressing to fit into a previous judgment or having a unique piece it to root something to your identity. If you have a nice watch, its a show piece, why do you wear it? Thats what matters.

    This is all to get attention and to get you the attraction of a guy who a woman has met who fits the same mold.

    Voice, Tonality and Body Language:

    This is something I cant really teach in text. But for the most part I will give a simple run down.

    Be still when meeting women, who moves the least normally has the most social value. I try to not fidget. Also keep strong eye contact, not creepy, but good eye contact, dont look at her boobs gents.

    You want to project your voice. The club is never 'too loud' your just not loud enough.

    Sit back and relaxed, no need to lean towards a girl.

    The entire group should hear you.

    Your voice should have inflections based on the emotions you feel. This is why routines fail for a lot of guys, because its a script, not a real moment in your memory.

    "Guys, I saw the CRAZIEST old man today! He was in the mall in one of those electric scooters and would go right behind all the cute women and HONK HIS HORN! They FREAKED OUT! The old sly dog would roll away all slow motion style. That dude was BAD ASS! He really didnt care what people thought."

    If I say that dead pan and monotone I get no reaction, I say it with emotion I get a positive reaction.

    The words do not matter, its how you say things and the conveyed emotion.

    A note on body language, it matters far less than 'PUA's' say. Empirically it matters, but it tends to correct itself when you go out. A quick primer is to have relaxed shoulders and your head up, not chin tucked towards your chest. Puff your chest out and keep your feet shoulder with apart. Take up as much space that makes you comfortable.

    On tonality, their are three ways to say something, Positive, Neutral and Negative. Negative is breaking rapport. It would be a tease or insult. Positive is a compliment. Neutral is normal conversation. This is the frame you should speak from.

    A fourth tone is curiosity. To be curious, in a genuine manor, is how you ask questions. If you ask a question and dont care, she can tell.

    "What do you do?" after five minutes of conversation is far different from, "Where do you work? Where did you go to school? Have any pets?"

    Going up to a Girl:

    You woke up, have some cool clothes on, know who you are and due to it what to talk about and a quick primer and tonality, voice and body language. Time to walk up to a group.

    Opener is what we use to start a conversation. In pick up the 'Opinion Opener' is considered the gold standard. Guys will go in, ask "Who lies more" and talk about that for five minutes. Thats a BAD idea.

    Opinion openers are good for many reasons the PUA community does not know though. One is it keeps the conversation ratio on you and her input doesnt matter much. It also does something very important, which I learned from FBI rapport books and Social Engineering. People are prone to help, you ask them a simple question in the form of helping you the natural reaction is to answer. So asking, "Where is the bathroom" or "Do you think men should be allowed to drink drinks that have umbrellas in them?" elicits them to helps, which by nature people do.

    When approaching you need to keep in mind that you need to engage the entire group. Not just the girl. If you go up to the girl the friends will think that is weird and blow you out. Think social and ask the guys, or the group.

    The opener doesnt matter much, but I suggest an opinion question because that way you learn how women react to you and the question, so you can learn the ways people react to you. If you take an opener from online that works for some guys then you know it will work for you. If it doesnt, a delivery issue exists and you need to work on it.

    Going up to a girl is very expansive. If someone has questions on this I will dive deeper later.

    If someone wants attraction, qualification and comfort I can add that. This took over an hour to type and I need to run!

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