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shipping to finland

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  • shipping to finland

    i took advantage of the euhub to try my first mone -> XiST
    i hope i am not being too impatient to finally see/feel what mones are like
    i tracked it all theway to the finnish post (message says package has been scanned 14th Oct).
    it normally takes a day for parcel to be delivered in/around finland , its 3 days now
    should i be worried? anyone know of shipping mones to finland

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    Hey there oshomore .
    Thank you trying our new EU Service.

    Still plenty of room for improvements but now we are saving our customers the potential VAT customs tax.

    As for the package i would suggest to go and just check with the tracking number at your local postal office.
    If you need assistance please open a ticket with us and we will assist you.
    Dont worry the package is insured and can be found if misplaced.

    Usually once in the country it can take anything from 1-3 days.
    But it really depends on the local postal office at that specific country.

    Keep me updated and please if there are any worries open a ticket directly.
    We dont do support at the forum and we might miss your question

    www.pheromoneXS.comEuro Hub Now Available - www.EUphoricXS.eu
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      idle ok i will do that


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        oshomore just got it....

        I just also realized that the 3 days you are talking about .. 2 of them are the weekends.
        it looks like Finland does not move packages during that time

        thats really helpful to know.

        Enjoy your order oshomore
        looking forward in reading your opinion on the pheromone blend

        www.pheromoneXS.comEuro Hub Now Available - www.EUphoricXS.eu
        idle @ socials


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