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  • They’re Just Awesome!

    Ive been lurking the forums for a couple weeks so I took the plunge and made a purchase. July 5th ordered Xist and requested samples of course. Well somehow my sample request cleared when I placed the order. I sent an inquiry knowing I wouldn’t hear back due to the holiday. Well Monday morning I got a tracking email! WHAT! Already?! Wow! So I decided to call because I hadn’t received a response from my inquiry. I call and Steve answers. I knew it was him from the previous praises. I tell him my dilemma and he was honest and let m e know that I may or may not get them depending on where my package was in processing. I was cool with that. He was so pleasant and took the time to talk to me despite his busy day fresh back from the holiday. That was a winner alone for me. Fast forward I get my package yesterday and it was like Christmas! SAMPLES!!! They got them in time along with some other cute goodies. My son loved the candy necklace lol. Hayley and Steve both left a sweet message for me on my order slip. Thanks for my gift Steve! Amazing service hands down! I’m glad I found you. Thanks to you both!!!

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    Do they have candy Necklaces? I used to love those. With the elastic string? HayleyBreanna I'm jealous.

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      I suppose lol


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        Indeed, they're really know how to win their customers
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          I was honestly glad I could get to the order in time and add what you had requested. Sometimes its not possible, but all the stars aligned and I was able to do it. I absolutely love being able to chat on the phones when I can which is why I try to answer when possible. HayleyBreanna is usually busy packing orders so if I can I take control of the phones. I have the best job in the world and the pleasure was all mine.

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