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It’s Party Time - Take your pants off! (2015-06-04 23:59:59)

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  • It’s Party Time - Take your pants off! (2015-06-04 23:59:59)

    2015-06-04 23:59:59

    I’ve totally been party rocking instead of sending newsletters and well it got out of hand and I suck. But this is an apology and I got sexy summer party love for you.

    You might know, maybe you don’t, but XS Labs has found a brand new home and after months of renovations, government inspections, certifications and well lots of freaking work we are all moved in.

    We quadrupled our space and thus our production capacity, which means more blends, more custom work and my favorite part, brand new XS girls. As of Wednesday many of you will be getting love notes signed by the gorgeous and OMG the amazingly sweet Nicole.

    She’s a part-time professional model, part time burlesque dancer and up until Wednesday one of the hottest bartenders Memphis had to offer but is now an official XS girl. She also holds a degree in psychology and has made a HUGE impact in the lab in just a couple of days.

    With Nicole helping me with order fulfillment I can now refocus on the things I love, like our community, writing newsletters and my personal favorite, new blends. I have so many that are burning up ready to be exposed. I’ll be intermittently training Nicole for the next week or two but she’s pretty awesome already so going forward I’ll be catching up on customs. We also have a plethora of great putative alternatives to release with some other amazing stuff.

    Its going to be a sexy-summer for sure and the best you’ve seen with XS. We still plan to limit the sales to special occasions with the newsletter, but going forward I promise to get them out on a more frequent and sustained schedule.

    Another benefit of having Nicole on the team is her modeling licks will come in handy-dandy with the FAQ videos we’ve been building.

    I’m pretty darn passionate about XS and what we are producing and that’s putting it very lightly. I’ve been so focused and working so hard to bring things to the table, I needed to just take a step back. I love what I do, but 8:30 am until 12:30 at night 5 to 6 days a week and Sundays to catch up with household chores and other personal things burnt me the heck out. With Nicole on orders today (with a little oversight from me) and already I feel so much better. Tonight for the first time in a good couple weeks I got to go to BuckyStars.

    Please forgive me for the departure from our newsletter norm. Its in the past and we’re going to be monthly again, but not all about sales.

    Please keep checking out the community at I’ll be making a whole lot of announcements and I’ve even got a special report to post on an incredible night I had with Idle’s favorite combo. In the meantime lets kick off our Sexy Summer return of the newsletter the old fashioned way. Here’s a coupon for 40% off all retail products good from Friday June 5th through Monday June 8th. Use coupon REDACTED

    WOW that might be the single biggest discount we have ever offered. Please remember that this big discount will reduce many products bellow the free shipping threshold. Make sure you have enough in your cart so you can still take advantage of this awesome feature as well.

    Me and my monkey wish you all much love


    Steve O
    This is my passion and my goal: to change the world, 1 person at a time, by empowering them with knowledge, know-how and the products that give them the ability to chase their dreams.

    A dream or vision is only a pretty picture without the passion and willingness to get your ass kicked chasing after it.

    DiscoverXS is our adventure story! Thank you for being a part of it

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