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Opinion woman with male phero

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  • Opinion woman with male phero

    I am a lesbian (masc) seeking feminine women. I'm not participate interested in the feminine blends because I'm not interested in male attention. I've heard of a few women who've done this. I know LAL sells lesbian phero but I'm not really convinced about that and I'm not familiar enough with LAL to purchase from them.
    i currently have evolve spray and had a cohesion sample. I found the ascend sample did not work with me well.
    i was thinking SOB?
    ​​​​​What would stevO say


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    Maybe it was because of your hormones like because you still have female hormones, I’m not entirely sure just my 2 cents
    i hope someone can give you some advice
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      There are several things to consider.

      The most important is, is the partner you are trying to attract, attracted to males or females?

      If your target, poi, is not interested in men, an overly alpha/masculine signature could be a potential turn off.

      I have had great success with women using women's blends.

      If I have to wear a label, I would be BI. I have always loved the person, not their gender. I have worn most men's blends just for myself to add status, calm, respect and, yes, to heighten arousal. But there are alpha blends for women that are equally effective for all of those things. What I've found with "women to women blends" is that they are very similar in molecules make up combination (for those who share that information) to most "women's" blends so I'm skeptical to the point of thinking well intended scam. Maybe not deliberate deception, but are they trying or is it an attempt to make money from us? Idk. I can't speak to their motives, but I can say, after wearing a couple (LPs Busom Bows and ADs Donna Amore) that they work as excellent socials and have a bit of added status but that that can be found in other womens blends too.

      Ascend is a very strong alpha signature and can be a turn off when men wear it without proper buffering tying to use it as an attractant for women, so I'm not surprised it was difficult for you. I use a low dose of it. I also have it in oil, as the XS sprays are amazing and can hit like freight trains...which I'm guessing you may have found is not always to our advantage Even a half spray of the sample you have and a full spray of the Cohesion would play well on you I should think and bring you better results.

      I have Evolve in oil as well and am finding that to be something I just put on and forget I have on. I don't think that is nearly as slap you in the face alpha as Ascend. How has that spray worked for you? I would still think the addition of something else would be beneficial to buffer that alpha signature. The Cohesion and Evolve should play nicely together.

      I am a SOB fan girl. That one is just fun in a bottle for me! I actually like that all by itself as a great social. I have that in oil too though, so the spray may be bolder. I would say start with just 1 spray and see how you feel and those around you react. I use 2 drops of the oil, but it diffuses differently than the spray.

      With men's blends, because you are a woman, always start low. Any heavy alpha signature can be recieved poorly by other women - regardless of your gender. High alpha signatures can be percieved as standoffish and, on women, as angry/bitchy. Not what you want when you're trying to attract another woman - no matter who you are, lol.

      As a woman who has experimented with men's blends (Alpha Dream and LPMP, LAL, Pheromone Treasures, XS, ADs....) I would like to respectfully say, that as a woman attracting other women, the men's blends didn't get me what I wanted from other women. It was always the women's blends or an combination of women's and men's that got the best results.
      My opinion on that is because, ultimately, we are women and have the chemistry of women. And the women, in my experience with lesbians, that are also seeking partners are seeking women, not men. Gender identification/labeling doesn't change our biological truth in the things that we are attracted to and neither do pheromones, in my experience. I'm attracted to other women because they are women, if they have too alpha or masculine a signature then I will likely pass them over. If I want a man, I will seek out a man. Does this make sense to you? I'm hoping to save you some time, money, disappointment AND have success in your pursuits

      Cohesion4w, Xist4w, Girlfriend - great starters for attracting women. Throw them on with your Evolve. You could get away with a smidge of that Ascend too...I don't think you would hate SOB at all

      That was more than 2 cents, but I really hope this is helpful
      You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


      • Harrisalexis90
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        I forget that even though I am masculine women want women etc I guess I have to get past the feminine marketing. It can turn off ppl like me. But I've found very little response from me wearing evolve

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      Except when paired with cohesion. Kind of made me feel like this stuff is snake oil. But I see what you mean. I was thinking at least a straight woman might react even tho I don't want straight women


      • Harrisalexis90
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        It's hard to feel the stuff works

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      Also I would be repulses if a man tried to talk to me which is also why I avoided the woman products initially


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        Evolve, on me, is like Xist4w. It can seem incognito on its own until you get to know it. Every time I've worn it solo it seems kind of, meh. I mean, I feel good, but don't have a noticable bump in mood, most often I feel even, content and good, but not necessarily "happy". It makes interactions easy. Not really a stand out social like others, but, tbh, that's not really its intent. When paired with a social/sexual (ie DM+, PSEL, XS143) it's the social/sexual that works the magic up front while the Evolve is the sexual undercurrent that is quietly escalating over time. I believe the A1 in Cohesion is a big part of what shines in the Evolve/Cohesion combo. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm betting that Evolve/SOB/DM+ will be really promising together at 1:1:1 and it's on my to do list

        Originally posted by Harrisalexis90 View Post
        Also I would be repulses if a man tried to talk to me which is also why I avoided the woman products initially
        It's true, pheromones don't discriminate who they attract. Perheps it helps to remember, not every woman who hits on you is one you would want to, lol, you discriminate who you allow in your personal space. We aren't interested in everyone interested in us. We initiate with those we are interested in and shut the others down right away with a look or our conversation. That's not gender specific, that's anybody. If a guy tried to open you with conversation going in a direction you have no desire to go, I'm sure the look on your face would make your feelings clear and shut him down on the spot. Same for a woman you weren't interested in.

        I wonder if it's a misperception that pheromones will make people we don't want flock to and annoy us? Most people will watch and observe, some will actually talk with us - if we seem approachable. Most will be looking for an invitation. That's where pheromones really come in. They make those interactions we choose to allow go more smoothly and beneficially.

        Just my opinion, but you could try the Evolve/Cohesion and pick a fun social to add as well, it could even be something like Flirt or Vibe from the unisex section. Evolve/Cohesion would be the sexual/emotional aspect you want and then something social to give you draw and approachability.

        Good luck and have fun!
        You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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          Exploring sexuality and social transactions has been a very fast-paced education. There are some bumps in the road. A whole lot of things I thought I knew have had to be thrown out. some are pleasant, a few have been very upsetting.

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