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Period & Birth Control Talk ⭕️❗️

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  • Period & Birth Control Talk ⭕️❗️

    Hey ladies 💕 I’m not sure there’s a thread about this but I’ll start it here. Have you experienced any differences in the way you/others react to a blend when on your period? I know some have stated that certain mones can cause irritability, or impact others differently than intended to, yes?

    I’ve just recently started back on my period after a 3 year hiatus due to Depo (Shot). And I don’t know if I’ll be getting back on any birth control anytime soon since I’m abstinent anyways lol.

    Any insight is appreciated thanks.
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    Yes, I can't wear Bitch, Babe, celebrity or Temptress when on period. I get snappy. Madam, Tease and xs189 on the other hand is ok, I am my self when wearing them. So sensitivity to status blends when on period is a pattern for me.

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