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    Originally posted by SteveO View Post
    I made it easier for you to get lost - banned!

    It’s like I’m a psychic or something 😂
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      Originally posted by pingu View Post

      Those words sent shivers down my spine
      It takes a hell of a lot for me to ban someone, especially a member. However this was becoming a constant struggle against defamatory comments at other members and that's just not what a community is about. Everyone can have a difference of opinions and its all good.

      Not to mention the sexualization of 13 year old girls, which was disturbing. Even then, his rhetoric on whether they are sexually active was, in my opinion, not crossing the boundaries of community standards. Do 13 year olds have sex? I know I did at that age but while I didn't find the reference beneficial to the conversation it wasn't what broke the proverbial camels back. What I found offensive in that thread was the then explicit language used to describe the sexual situations a 13 year girl would be in. I've studied some psychology and I think most of us would agree there is a line that should not be crossed. He was using very explicit language as if to change the circumstances from an intellectual standpoint to an erotic story.

      If discussing the aspects of a rape you describe the nature of the assault using language that describes the act clinically rather than exploitative language that describes the act erotically. There is a major difference between the two. Whether it was intentional or purely coincidental again I gave him the benefit of the doubt. However when then paired with his recent journal entry:
      Originally posted by Playboy
      Ok, after all the warm welcome from IIdergreier and Isis, i am thinking of going after young girls only. My pheromone focus will be to have as much sex as i can with girls as young as legally allowed, with as many girls as i can, and making as many as possible to fall for me.
      It begs to question just what is going on. Again still not banned though as while disgusting as it is to look at a 13 year old as a sexual being unless you are a 13 year old, he didn't actually come out and say it. I took it as implied, but who am I to judge what is implied or not. I might own the forum, but its still very much OUR community. I'm not very judgemental, or at least I try not to be.

      What did it for me, was the constant name calling of other members, even after being called on it. 2000GT is a fine moderator and typically he is empowered to handle these types of situations. The only reason he didn't was that I asked him not to so I can look at the situation from a fresh standpoint. I wasn't involved, nor was I even aware of any offending posts and by the time it was brought to my attention emotions were involved. As a community I feel its important to discuss best course of action.

      So I hate to detract from what began as an amazing topic, but if you go into a topic only to hijack or disrupt you'll be getting an infraction. I do not care who it is - multiple infractions lead to bans. We are wiping the slates clean right now. Whether a man or woman, nobody has the right to go into another persons post with the objective of harassment. Everybody has a valid viewpoint and while you might not like that viewpoint you do have the right to disagree in a civil and adult manner. However make your point and agree to disagree and move on. DO NOT go into every post a person makes because you disagree with them and continue an onslaught. That's harassment and so far I've seen it on both sides. This topic is the perfect example.

      There was absolutely no value, no reason, no right for anyone to come in here and hijack the thread to suit their needs. It was wrong and it stops right now!

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