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Smell Like This


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      Ive only had a sample of babe, but I really liked the written description of it! However I couldnt get it to work and before I buy the full I need to know it works for me????
      maybe ill request another sample next order????


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        Just want to add to this thread since I’ve had good results with Babe. I’ve used it 4 times and the results have been very consistent. It’s bringing out generosity for generosity’s sake from the people in my cloud. The generosity seems to not just be solely directed towards me but everyone else in the cloud, as well, if I am around others. Women and men have both been generous.

        I’ve worn it around different people 3 out of the 4 times, all people I know well. I’ve not had to pay for food while wearing this. I was gifted a new apple watch after I complained about mine starting to go wonky. I used it one time when I knew I needed help with a tedious technical issue and it worked - he stayed for almost 2 hours extra to fix everything and he didn’t seem to mind at all.

        The only negative so far has been that someone was excessively apologetic and I could tell he felt bad over a minor mistake. He texted repeatedly and even called afterwards to make sure things were okay (things were fine). This lasted for about 30 minutes after he was out of my cloud and it was definitely not his normal behavior.

        I’ve used 1 or 2 sprays each time (neck, back of hands and wrists) and I’ve paired it with P86 (1x 12.5mcg) or DHEAS (2x 25mcg). It’s pretty consistent no matter if I’ve paired it or used it solo and doesn’t take long to start getting the hits.

        It’s definitely one of my favorites so far.


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