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Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021

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  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021

    It's that time of year where we profess our gratitude and thanks to each other and especially everyone that's made XS such a success.

    Aser was formed 11 years ago and first, it was massageXS which then morphed into pheromoneXS on July 21, 2012. It all started with the ICM mix over at androtics. I freely shared it with the community and sent bottles to anyone that asked. I also shared the formula with Jasmin and they made it into an MX. I was just amazed at the results I was getting and wanted to see if others could get the same. Surprisingly it became one of their most popular blends and unfortunately, it created a lot of jealousy within that company.

    It wasn't like (back then anyway) I could replicate the formula. The only way to make it was with AD's putative which none of us knew what they were except what AD told us. So when I was accused of selling my own blends it was ludicrous and as outspoken as I am I told them so. Even if I wanted to I would need AD's putative to make it myself and little tiny 5ml bottles that leaked were not going to do it. Besides, I was happy being a consultant and had zero desire to start a company.

    When AD announced that many of the community favorite blends were being discontinued it was a rude awakening for all of us. Dancing Joker (my mentor and friend) and I were shocked when we were told that putative molecules we came to love were also discontinued. We had spent thousands upon thousands investigating the uses behind those and all of our favorite blends used putative molecules so without those our blends were going to vanish as well.

    At this stage Dancing Joker and I came to the mutual agreement that we needed to figure out what those putative molecules were if we wanted to be able to continue to make our personal blend. The time and effort we invested to get a blend just perfect were so much more than a hobby. For us, this was a passion project. We had gathered volumes of data and results on all the putative and thus began our concerted efforts to discover what was what.

    Again the only intent was to figure out what they were to be able to continue making our personal blends. I had already freely shared ICM with not just AD, but the community as well. At this time AD had really begun to get "strange" on me. I attributed it all to growing pains and let sleeping dogs lie.

    I stuck around and did my best to keep my spirits high while fulfilling my tasks but things just didn't work out. There is a lot more of this story, but mostly this is about how every day I am beyond thankful to our little niche community for allowing me to share this amazing hobby of mine with you. I'm grateful to Jasmin, who I still consider my friend (albeit she won't take my calls), for giving me that opportunity way back when. For giving me and Dancing Joker the motivation to learn about pheromone molecules.

    I am grateful for the day I left AD and began selling my massage oils and to the community who made it such a success. I didn't want to compete in any way with Androtics as I tried to maintain my friendship and gratitude to Jasmin and Michael. I stuck with massage oils and two blends. Desire Me, which used copulins, and Cohesion which used A1, both of which Androtics refused to sell.

    I had carved out a small corner of this world and am forever grateful. This community is amazing and makes my heart warm knowing how many awesome people there are in the world. It is a blessing to know we are able to reach and change people's lives for the better. The stories of just how many have found the love they so desired is always so endearing to us.

    To all of the XS Team both past and present for being a part of this dream. Every day you all make me smile and bring happiness to me and so many others. Bobbi, Silvia, KateD, Hayley, Idle, Amanda, Alissa, Brian, Niki, Leslie, Noel, Layla, etc.

    To this amazing community, I cannot thank you enough for being a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of yours. To all of our clients, you make me smile every single day especially when we are able to speak with you directly.

    Thank you, everyone.

    The Details
    There is no coupon needed for this year's Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. You get 40% retail items under Men Women and Unisexy, but in order to make this work, I have disabled all Lifetime Discounts. If you need to add something else to your order you can do it after the sale and ask us to combine if you'd like in the order comments.

    I've also disabled the free shipping until the sale is over. It's not working with the sale correctly so if you meet the threshold and send us an email we can issue you a gift voucher for later use.

    We expect heavy volume and FedEx will not be picking up Friday so plan accordingly. Express, Priority, FedEx will all take precedence over FCM. It usually. takes a week to get all orders out so please be patient. The sale runs through Monday.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate it, and may you always have much to be grateful for

    Steve O

    This is my passion and my goal: to change the world, 1 person at a time, by empowering them with knowledge, know-how and the products that give them the ability to live their dreams.

    A dream or vision is only a pretty picture without the passion and willingness to get your ass kicked chasing after it.

    discoverXS is our adventure story! Thank you for being a part of it

    Pheromone Questions? (I like to answer the phones)
    Pheromone Answer Line: +1(901)-328-6433

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    i just make a payment of order just before you make this post for the 40% sale..????
    life is precious so go full blast
    strike while the rod is still hot


    • Muestereate
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      send email or call, they will make it right

    • OppaiDesu
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      nope..actually is ok..just if only i wait lil bit longer.hahahah

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    In Bulgaria (Europe) we do not celebrate Thanksgiving but i really like that holday because its all about appreciation.
    So first i want to say THANK YOU to my boss,friend,mentor and family XSteveO for running this amazing company and letting me be part of it for 4 years now!
    I want to thank to everyone from the team !I love you my crazy family!
    And mostly i want to thank to this amazing community and our amazing customers!
    I appreciate you all!
    Enjoy the sale and HAPPY THANKSGIVING

    P.S : XSteveO you are the best HR ever!


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      Thank you so much Steve for such a considerate discount! I've just placed a large order as I was out of all of my faves. Covid be damned! ​​​​​​

      Happy Thanksgiving to you all
      Full Sprays: Desire Me - Engage - Xist - Connections - Celebrity - PSEL - Fantasy - XS196 GF - XS194 In Between - P86 - P96

      WISHLIST: GLOW - Fairy Tale - XS199 Comply - Mascot


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        Another summer just went by with great memories thanks to your products. Cheers. I'm stocking up for next summer


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          Ahh thank you, just picked up a few things! Happy Thanksgiving, all!


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            I am so ready for this sale!!! Thanks XSteveO We are thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
            PXS (10ml): Girlfriend, Xist, Babe, Desire Me, P86, PSEL, Sleeze
            Sample: Temptress
            LPMP: Cougar, Compromising Positions, Pearfection,
            Sexology III, Balm Bomb, Autumn, LAM, BAM, The Key, Occo, Subir, SLF, Frisky Business


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              Thanks so much XSteveO for this! This is going to be my first time getting into mones and I’m happy that this is coming just in time!
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              Ad down