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I'm bad at titles so Hello I guess

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  • I'm bad at titles so Hello I guess

    Hey all. I'm newish to the world of pheromones, but I have gotten around to trying multiple different products from Alpha Dream, Androtics Direct, and here, and so far this place has had the most success when it comes to both self-effects and effects on others. In particular, Ascend is probably my absolute favorite of every product I've gotten so far (which I got from a very generous sample, y'all are also pretty awesome in that regard as well), and it's worked so well I finally decided to get a bottle of it in oil form with the FXS scent, and I'm waiting to give it a test drive tomorrow!

    So yeah. Hi.

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    BarrowXS! You are no newbie to mones, not even ours, you are just a newbie to this wonderful community and I can't wait to see how you will contribute to make our community even better.

    Do you still purchase from all the other companies or just XS? We have a section where you can share your pheromone experiences with other vendors and of course,we want you to share in detail your XS experiences.

    Sharing is caring and we reward you for doing both.

    Welcome again,hope to always see you around


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      Welcome, and looking forward to read reports of Ascend...
      Living in Nordic climate, very cold and humid. Targets Caucasian/blond women, not really much chance to test with black, hispanic or asian. Living in a city, I target mostly 18-40 years old.
      Pheromone XS: SOB, Xist oil, Love boat, Cohesion oil & spray, Ascend -cops-, Connections, Evolve.
      Alpha dream: Alpha Maschio.
      Love Scent : scented Chikara, NPA 15ml.
      Androtics: A 314 oil (rarely use)
      Cover cologne: Armani Code


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        What other XS products do you own? What makes Ascend your fave?


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