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Somewhat newb. Pheromones not working. Maday!

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  • Somewhat newb. Pheromones not working. Maday!

    Hi all. To cut to the chase I have 2 10ml sprays which are xist and cohesion that came along with 6 samples. I’m a 6’ 200 lb man and a firm believer of mones. I’ve tried spraying my Skin, my clothes, my skin and my clothes and nothing seems to work. I’ve tried the few sprays method and all out fog method and nothing seems to be working. Any tips? Plz Help.

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    I will try copulins!


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      check the youtube channel out: https://www.youtube.com/user/PheromoneXS and any other knowledge can be easily searched here on the forums. Dont expect these to be magic potions, as you have not really provided us any information on your circumstances and just repeated skin and clothes. Don't give up.
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        So where are you using these. Under what conditions? how many women, how far, ages? Or are you in a relationship? What is your definition of working?

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          I’m for sure thankful for your reply man. I’m using these at major pulse points. What do you mean by “conditions”? Around at least 20 women at least a day because I volunteer places a lot. Ages ranges from 20-50. I’m 23m myself. Single. My definition of working is obvious iois if that makes sense. Do you think cops will work better for me because I’m getting relatively nothing now. For the record I know that they have great potential because I used to get iois alot previously in past situations.


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            Yeah, conditions mean situations. Have women come onto you in this volunteer thing in the past? Xist is a slow pheromone best suited to being around people you already know a bit. If these women are repeats the Xist will hit but its hard to see it working. Xist is so subtle that the first time someone is exposed I look for a twinkle in the eye, a sparkle of recognition.

            Cohesion should draw them nearer but depending on what kind of volunteer work, snuggling up to you may not be appropriate.

            Also, you have opposites in a way. Xist will keep you on their minds but cohesion won't. Also, Cohesion is more comfort and touchy-feely and Xist is more about talking. Both are sort of calm phero's, Women are not going to get all excited but I have had cohesion pull them within inches but you have to escalate and that may not be right for volunteer stuff.

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              I highly appreciate the response man. I will soak it all in. Also what do you think about copulins? So far I plan on adding cops to all my pheromone products including sprays, oils, and lotions.

              Oh yeah and yes females have come up/drawn near to me in past situations while at the volunteer places with me doing little to no heavy lifting/work on my part that’s why I’m curious as to why I’m having little to no success this time around.

              Any self experiences/tips or tricks would be much appreciated as well. Thanks.


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                Xist and Cohesion, off the bat, aren't two pheros I would expect to get crazy hits from without something more substantial added. Cohesion is mainly a calming pheromone and Xist is best used with other attraction pheros IMO. What's your goal in your phero use while volunteering? I think you'd have better results with something like Taboo. Then later, try adding the other ones too.
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                  Oh ok that makes sense. Thanks for the advice. My main goal is to possibly get a gf or at least some type of action while using. I will try taboo next.


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                    Something that people need to understand is, there needs to be some kind of attraction in the opposite sex to start with, if you like a girl and they aren't interested in you the same way, you can add all sorts of potions and lotions and nothing will work, pheros aren't a magic potion, you need some kind of attraction to start with before you apply your pheros with intent!
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                      There were cases that when a women isn't attracted to you and your using mones, she could mistaken the signals coming from someone who she is attracted to at the same space. You pretty much helped the other dude out lol
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                        Women aren't generally attracted to younger men. You're 23 and all the women are older, your problem is obvious. If you happened to be a hot, sexy looking man, you'd get some attention, but you're not.

                        Do what you can to look more attractive (work out, style yourself, etc.), then add product to give yourself a boost on top of that. In parallel, you need to talk to women and develop your confidence. A man who isn't confident isn't attractive.

                        Don't expect some product to fix all your problems. You have to fix your own problems. Put in the time and effort.


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