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Material Safety Datasheet

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  • Material Safety Datasheet

    Hello pheromone xs team, I have made a purchase of 10 products few days ago, and sent it to a us package forwarding company(globalshopaholics) in order to be shipped along with my other products(phone, cloths.etc)from others stores. And they ask me to ask my seller(in this case pheromone xs)for product's material safety datasheet from my seller in order my product to be shipped internationally.

    Please help, the products has delayed so much now.


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    We will be happy to provide the proper international documentation as we always do when ordering International shipping which you did not. You shipped it to a domestic address and so we do not provide that information as it costs us money which is included in the cost of the International shipping charges. This is clearly defined in the shipping agreement. We have told you this numerous times in the ticket system, but I guess your intentions are to try and shame us for your mistake.

    International Repackagers:

    We have noted a trend by some international clients to have their items shipped to a repackaging service who collect numerous shipments and ship as one bulk package. Our experience with this is that the repackager will not ship liquids such as the state of all of our products. We ship our products international with amazing success and consider ourselves experts in this area. Our recommendation therefore is to allow us to ship your order to you.

    Please be so advised: XS will not submit, help acquire or assist with any customs paperwork, Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Manufacture, or any documents requested by reshipper. Understanding these documents are sometimes proprietary in nature and therefore only shared directly with the respective countries customs. It must also be understood the extra time, labor and costs associated with these activities is absorbed within International shipping fees and because you have only paid for domestic shipping fees these accommodations cannot be made.

    It is the clients sole responsibility to have items returned to Aser in “ship-ready” condition. Most repackagers open, tamper, remove and partially return the order so as to not make it “ship-ready” in the event it is returned to us. Any returned orders from repackagers will incur all additional shipping fees to forward package onto final destination plus $10 or 25% (whichever is greater) to cover our costs and supplies to reship you order in “ship-ready” condition. In the event a refund is requested we will deduct these charges including all published shipping charges incurred.

    Please let us ship your order to you.

    Steve O

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      I do not intend to shame nobody, I had to ask in every place because I was not getting support, you take long to respond like you don't wanna do it, I recognize that I made a mistake since it's my first time ordering mones and also I did not saw it in the site(by not knowing aboutit), but every customer need support and in time(not taking long to respond), now I know that I have to pay.
      but how much is it?


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