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Do mones on clothes work just as well???

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  • Do mones on clothes work just as well???

    I don't know the science behind this, but will putting phermones on a shirt collar have the same effect as on your skin? Are they actually somehow absorbed by your body and then released, or is it simply enough for a woman to smell it within your vacinity?

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    good question. I had pheromones stuck to my cardigan that had rubbed off my skin, and could still smell the pheros the next day. I'm not sure pheros on clothes work as well, but if you choose this route, keep in mind that you will have one hell of a time getting them out of your clothing when your launder it.


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      Putting them on clothes greatly reduces diffusion and, therefore, effectiveness. Also as was mentioned you will have a very difficult time getting them out when you wash them. You may have to wash them several times to get them out.
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        I would avoid the clothing, i also avoid the neck area of any type of spray in general. I got a rash along time ago off a mones spray i was using, so i just use it on the wrists and it works very well.


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          Heard it lasts longer never tried it. But pheros will need heat to disperse correctly
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