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An Open Letter about the recent attacks against XS


  • An Open Letter about the recent attacks against XS

    Some of you might have read the terrible things that certain people are writing about the XS brand and more personally myself. These persons are creating malicious lies and spreading such to cause harm to my business, which as you all know is my passion and dream. I take these accusations seriously and can assure you there is absolutely nothing nefarious, criminal, or otherwise deceptive that has occurred.

    Earlier this year a very dear and close friend of mine approached me about some people he knew that were interested in creating an online pheromone store. It was a group of several European gentlemen I have come to favor in high regards for their ethics, principals and the way they also conduct business. More on this later.

    During several online meetings they explained their situation and what they wanted to create. Unbeknownst to me these people had called me directly on the PheromoneXS Answer Line before making their intentions known. It is typical for me to spend about 45 minutes on a call to assure the person their questions are all important regardless if they are new or old-time pheromone users. I was told they were impressed with not just my pheromone knowledge, but willingness to answer all their questions. Apparently I even referred them to other vendors for products I did not feel I could meet their expectations with.

    After several communications back and forth it was with great pride, expectations and a mutual appreciation that I entered into a licensing agreement with what is now known as Liquid Pheromones. I’d like to dispel the lies and false information being spread by a certain group of individuals and as such will lay it all out in this post. The truth will prevail in the long run and there will also be a lot of very upset persons. Some of these people are hell-bent on manipulation and cyber bullying and have gone as low as libel and to boot on a public forum. There are some things now taking place in the background that I have been instructed not to post as it is now a legal matter.

    Liquid Pheromones sells blends created by me under a licensing agreement. I do not own the company and they are registered in the European Union. The owners are true gentleman and the attacks they suffered by certain individuals was unwarranted and quite frankly embarrassing. These gentlemen are a very powerful business force with unlimited resources and will take whatever means necessary to vigorously defend their brand. They have already spent thousands promoting it and I can assure you they will not stand idly by and allow certain individuals to defame them.

    There have been claims that the blends are exactly the same as the XS brand and this is a blatant lie. Anyone can take a look at either Flirt XS or Connections XS and determine the ingredients are exactly the same yet entirely different products. The Liquid Pheromone Products are designed the same with many of the same ingredients but vastly different in formulations creating a unique experience. I’m proud of them and I stand by them.

    The Liquid Pheromones Team is headquartered in Europe and yes I personally ship every order for them. That was my requirement because I appreciate the customer experience and want to ensure its a happy one. Does anyone really expect me to bulk ship to Europe so they can turn around and reship them back to their clients in the US? Silly and ignorant to even contemplate that I know, but that is exactly what has happened.

    Team Liquid, as I like to call them, also wanted to handle their own customer service but I wouldn’t have it when I discovered they were going to hire a firm that had no pheromone experience. I love talking pheromones and sure it creates a phone jam at times but there is nothing more satisfying than hearing that initial spark of pheromone curiosity in a new persons voice. I love it so I took it on gladly.

    There’s a very interesting thing that is happening and its comical and quite sad at the same time. We CLEARLY have other vendors posting they formulate for other companies but why is their NO TRANSPARENCY with them? Who exactly are they formulating for and what products? You’ll never know because they’d rather say they are to busy to get your order out in a timely manner because they are formulating other blends. Whose blends? I consider myself honest and transparent in what I do so I also insisted the Aser name be clearly associated with Liquid Pheromones. If we take these detractors words at face value why are they not demanding to know who the other vendors are formulating for!

    Chris S formulates often for other companies. Is it a scam that he creates blends for LovePotions: Google Chris S Love Potions
    I certainly don’t hear anyone screaming scam here and why would they? Typical business practice that is done by many in the industry.

    I have an opinion on why and where this is coming from and I’d say the less informed are being manipulated by someone or even worse flat-out paid. These people will be exposed and I hope they are prepared to take responsibility for their actions. Attempting to destroy someones livelihood is beyond me. I have spent thousands upon thousands to build this business which is still more passion and beyond everything fun. It will continue to be. I know some of you have stood by and have been attacked personally for it. I commend you for your bravery in the face of adversity. When there are a vocal few who are attempting to out scream the voice of reason I can only believe will the truth will eventually prevail.

    Some others who I have done everything possible to make there experience here a great one have gone behind closed doors and made serious accusations. Accusing me of lying. Kind of surprised by these persons and I can assure you I know who you are. You feel you can trust someone else and they are the only one who doesn’t lie. I gave you the benefit of doubt but since that could not be extended back to me you will need to prove your value. That is what this forum is built on and I guess you can have fun with your new best friend. I’m sure your orders will be shipping in such a timely fashion with exactly the concentrate you think your getting. Have fun with that.

    I can absolutely assure you I am coming for everyone who decided that defaming and libeling were the way to go. You are on notice. Dirty laundry and skeletons are in your closets and the vendors I know are behind the scenes pulling your strings like puppets. Your dirty laundry will be exposed.

    • piper23
      piper23 commented
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      Don't lose sleep on them? Your product speaks for itself and I am currently going through your product line and its doing wonders . at the end of the day people don't care about all that noise as long as your product keep performing as it does. thanks for the full disclosure and you have a good day. you have a loyal supporter here because I only care about results in products and your products works for me so far. it will all blow over

    • NuTrix
      NuTrix commented
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      I saw some of this rear its ugly head in another forum. I did not know all the details and still do not - nor do I need to - and openly made my objections to the conversation even happening pretty darn clear.

      It has been a business doing pleasure with you. - That is NOT a typo.

      You're products work. Your CS is fantastic. To my knowledge, you have done me no personal harm - and - quite frankly, seem like a likeable and passionate fellow to me. I have no problem saying so either - so snarf to the rest and, like Martian, I will continue to vote with my wallet as well <3

    • CJW255
      CJW255 commented
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      Enjoying my ignorance. I love the company products CS and the man so I'm not going anywhere. Of course I'll try other products but I don't see myself leaving here. We have it prrty damn good haha
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