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Introduction - XS Spanish Language Markets Manager


  • Introduction - XS Spanish Language Markets Manager

    I can’t express how happy I am to be a part of the XS Family here, really cool for me & looking forward to an awesome 2015 with everyone!

    I will start off by saying that I have spent a good deal of my adult life, with regard to my professional course, in the field of Marketing, with a huge emphasis on global market penetration/acquisition strategies, and resource sourcing (fancy way of saying; buyers and sellers of products all over the world – so it sounds like I know what I’m talking about, but, everyone also knows I’m down with the real people >>><<<).

    Within that framework of experience I have had the privilege of working with some very cool people from some equally cool places around the world. Needless to say, then, this new foray into the world of PheromoneXS is a perfect fit as we have a market formula of which I am acutely familiar; awesome products, spirited, passionate people committed to developing, testing, using and presenting new products to a global audience, always with the intention of exceeding the end-user’s expectations.

    Here at XS I believe we are truly a global family. When I use the word “family” I use it with the following understanding; that we are a bunch of people, sharing common interests, walking a path together, supporting & enhancing our commonalities as well as our respective personal & interpersonal evolutions. When Steve asked me initially to take a look at the company to see what we might do better to support our existing customer base, as well as expand and reach new potential markets, (If I was being a Bob Dobalina I would use the term “regionalized new asset acquisition” program), the first thing I identified, after running a bazillion Analytics reports over about a month’s time, was that we were getting a lot of visits from people in countries and regions wherein the respective languages were not English. Well DURRRRRR……. Holy Language Barrier Batman…… not everyone speaks English!

    So after having to fly down to Tennessee in the corporate jet, pouring a fifth of cheap tequila down his throat, and then hitting him in the head with a box of frozen lasagna, I was able to convince SteveO that we needed to immediately begin efforts to; a) better serve our existing non-English clientele, and b) begin reaching out to the global audience who are already reaching out to us, one language at a time, beginning with Spanish.

    Now here is the thing many people don’t take into consideration when developing into a new market, particularly in a new language; IT’S NOT JUST A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE, BUT, ALSO A DIFFERENT CULTURE with culturally specific needs and resultant requisite approaches necessary to properly develop & sustain any such market growth. (Sounds pretty cool so far right?)

    The challenge was finding someone, and not just anyone, who could read, write & speak the language fluently, as well as understand the regional linguistic characteristics/dialects, and, equally importantly the unique cultural distinctions associated with any particular area/culture and, most importantly, embrace, love and use the XS products.

    Enter our new Spanish Language Markets Manager – Diego Perez! Diego is a Mexico City, Mexico native, currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We paired up with him early on in 2014 as a part-time contractor hired to assist us in translating our XS store experience into a Spanish language version.

    Diego is now 100% on board with us as the manager of the XS Spanish Language division, directing all of our translations, Customer Experience processes, marketing and ad development, and other daily operational requirements associated therewith. I will leave the background stuff to Diego, however, I will tell you this; the guy’s got game!! He’s studying film making, loves the clubs & nightlife, is intelligent, sharp, and I must say quite handsome as well, and single handedly translated every single word associated with every single PXS document/process into Spanish.

    We are extremely pleased to have Diego as a member of our XS Team/family.

    • SteveO
      SteveO commented
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      DieGo is amazing! That much I can assure you. We really lucked out with him. Seriously I never thought in my life we'd meet someone who fits the XS mold so perfectly

    • 2000GT
      2000GT commented
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      It's great to finally meet you, DieGo! Looking forward to hearing your stories and insights

    • DieGO
      DieGO commented
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      Originally posted by 2000GT
      It's great to finally meet you, DieGo! Looking forward to hearing your stories and insights

      I have to say I have already read some of *your* stories, so I feel I kinda knew you already lol
      You will be reading some of my stories, although I do plan to start posting spanish content, so if you don't speak spanish already, you can start learning... NOW!
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