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Your Research Opportunity: The REAL Future of Pheromone Technology!


  • Your Research Opportunity: The REAL Future of Pheromone Technology!

    The Pheromone Molecule Research Area - Private is the basis for this entire forum and completely private to anyone who is not invited to join in on the testing. To gain early access you must be a proven molecule researcher who I’ve personally interacted with, or be sponsored by one of the other pheromone researchers. You can identify these individuals by noticing their user names are in green. This does not indicate that they have any special privileges over you or the community as a whole. We are ALL equal here and everyone’s voice counts. These are members who showed an ability and desire to research single exotic molecules. I’ll get to this in a little bit.

    Many of you recognize that there is a passion amongst our community to determine what molecules do, how they can be utilized properly and if they have value to them. When I started testing molecules, a long time ago, I began at the back end of pherotalk and worked my way forward. They had incredible members all interacting and discussing the possibilities of what these amazing molecules did. I was fascinated to say the least. Somewhere along the way there was a shift from community testing molecules to profits.

    As I matured, shifting my usage more towards influence and research and away from my carnal drive for more sex, I’ve come to appreciate the opportunity a community forum offers in discovering all the potentials of these incredible molecules. We are on the leading edge of science here and while attraction is in our basic makeup, we also have the potential for greatness by influence.

    Imagine meeting someone in school or a bus stop whose shyness is decidedly awkward and as such is bullied, taunted or made to feel terrible. This person goes through life distressed and saddened without recognizing the possibilities of the challenge they face. We hear it on the news when a 12 year old takes their own life and as chilling as it is to us, its still to late. The science and research we take on today might help prevent another tragedy. Influence is a powerful tool and with responsible application of some pheromone blends we might very well be the catalyst to breakthrough an overwhelming depression and stop a tragedy.

    Do I really believe that? You bet your ass I do! We have the power to advance a science that can influence others around us to trigger attraction switches, happiness, communication, trust and countless other emotional responses. If Androtics can make a product to assist in the “interrogation” of terrorist suspects as they claim here: Pheromones for L.E.: Test Units wanted than I honestly believe why not have pheromone models to break through depression, suicide, fear, anger, sadness? I’d rather help people through love and kindness and leave all the “enforcement and control” to somebody else. My intentions are really as simple as enabling the steps in creating our perfect worlds.

    With that said this is an opportunity to get in on the research of exotic pheromone molecules. You will be in powerful company and your opinion will cary the same weight as anyone else on the team. There are a few ways to gain this coveted position and I mentioned a couple above. I could have personally invited you as one of the core group. Please understand these are people I have worked with on molecule development in the past and consider trustworthy, but by no means is it everyone. If you think I missed you please drop me a Private Message.

    Another way is to be recognized and sponsored by a current researcher. Again they are easily identified because their user name is green. Please don’t spam them as I can assure you they will not bring someone in on just your word. They will be held accountable for mentoring you and can only bring in one person per test, which runs for 4 months.

    The main way and the most reputable way is to earn your way in by reporting here on the forum. Its really that simple. You’ll need at least 100 posts, but based on quality and not just anything. There is no auto-promotion to researcher it is completely earned. I’ll consider all your posts when you get to 100 including short answers, but its the genuine value you offer that ultimately decides.

    Once you’re on the inside though you will have access to some very cool, exotic molecules and all you’ll have to do to maintain that access is report on the molecules you decide to test on. There’s really not many rules except you will absolutely need to report on those tests you choose to participate in. You’ll even get to know the names of the molecules you are testing with continued access to them as long as I can get them too. Eventually we will even release this information to other vendors so they too can share in this incredible opportunity.

    I want to be absolutely clear and forthcoming here also. This is a forum designed for community research but its also a marketing tool of my business on the front end. Unlike others though, the research done is not going to get me any higher page rankings with the search engines because it is behind a closed door thus invisible to them. However the XS brand is still about business and making a profit so if you’re okay with that than please join us.

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      I'm testing regular products at the moment and I'm enjoying it. They have big impact on me and people around me. Would like to became a researcher one day.

    • psyched
      psyched commented
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      I have been invited, and spoke with you.... my name is still blue....

    • SteveO
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      This topic is obsolete and therefore expired
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