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    Well after much ado its finally here: EUphoricXS

    After years of planning, much bureaucracy and red-tape, some corruption, we’ve been successful in opening our newest home in Sofia Bulgaria. All of our EU friends will now be able to order directly from our new website servicing your needs directly.

    No more worry about shipping delays, customs clearance, ever increasing shipping charges, and hoping beyond hope you won’t have to pay outrageous VAT and other fees and taxes. Now you can order and pretty much expect your order to arrive in your hands bypassing customs in as short as a weeks time. No opened packages, no embarrassment attempting to explain what pheromones really are and best of all you can still get all your XS shipping for free.

    You see, we’ve paid the VAT, customs and brokerage fees up front and because we’re the manufacturer we are able to pass along our tremendous discounts to you. Its a pleasure not to have to worry about getting mail that’s been opened and rifled through like you’re some type of criminal importing contraband. We get it and now so shall you.

    This little experiment has taught us all at XS so much and if all goes well we are already in talks with Asian markets for our next fulfillment center.

    EUphoricXS is still XS, but just like AXE in the US is LYNX in the UK we are still the same company with the same products. We needed a system in place to separate products and stock while maintaining company integrity. The only difference in products will eventually be labeling, but for now that’s not even changed. Bliss XS in the USA will be EU Bliss XS in the EU and so on.

    There’s a few things you need to know about and we want to be as transparent and upfront as possible. The site is brand-new and not even close to being completed. We only ask for your continued patience as we build not just the site, but stock too. We have a few hundred products over there right now (all men and just a couple Unisexy and Artisan Blends) but we’ll be resupplying every month with just about everything we carry in our US facility. Please be patient as we are a small operation and are only now figuring out how much product to ship without depleting stock in the USA (wanna know why we have hundreds of bottles of XiSt in Europe but none in USA? ooops!).

    Stock will eventually include oils, 30ml bottles and anything carried in our pheromoneXS store but in time. We can only ship a certain amount each month to keep costs low for everybody.

    Currently we’ll be using BG Priority Post with tracking. For most of Europe and anyone with a EU treaty, we’re pretty sure it will be there within a week. Our longest to date was 7 days including a weekend. We’re keeping shipping the same with our FREE EU SHIPPING scheme. Spend as little as $75 and we’ll waive the normal shipping fee of $5.

    We do have calls into several local carriers we are setting up accounts with. Soon we’ll be able to offer next day and second day deliveries for a small but reasonable fee. You’ll have the option to choose a couple different options, but unfortunately neither one of these providers were ready with our new accounts as of tonight.

    We’ve already paid all VAT upfront and so a 7% VAT tax is automatically added to the total of your cart when checking out. I’m in the USA and I currently pay almost 9% sales tax here in Tennessee so believe me I understand. However the benefit is there’s no more open packages, no more having to worry about excessive costs, brokerage fees and best of all you get your order in your hands without having to go through customs at all. Personally its well worth it just for not having to go down to the customs office alone.

    While we cannot control your countries customs you should not have to ever pay anything additional ever again. Its a win for everyone!

    Lifetime Discounts
    EUphoricXS is a brand new store and as such we’re going to be asking all of our EU clients, when you’re ready, to please register new accounts. Your discounts will still be valid at both sites (if you choose to use the USA site anymore) but we’ll need to manually change your status over on the new site. We have a lot of clients so you’ll need to be patient while we do this and we expect this process to take a solid couple weeks to a month. In the meantime, even if your earned discount is not initially applied in most cases we’ll be retroactively issuing Gift Vouchers for the difference to everyone who qualifies. This only applies to those already earning discounts.

    As explained above you’ll need to register a new account but we’ll be more than happy to transfer any sum of Reward Points you have at pheromoneXS over to EUphoricXS one time only. Again this will be a time-consuming project so we only can do it one time for you. If you have 1000 Reward Points at pheromoneXS we can transfer every last one, half or whatever you want to EUphoricXS, but that will be the extent of it. You will not be able to come back in a week or even the very next minute and request a different amount or change. We’ll make an email submission form that will give you this opportunity. The first form you submit will be the form of record regardless of any additional submissions or requests.

    SAFE-SALE REBATES (My New Favorite Program)
    pheromoneXS and EUphoricXS, from time to time, offers sales and other discount pricing to our customers. Sales are typically announced via our email newsletter subscription service. In the event you make a purchase within two (2) days prior to a sale announced via our email newsletter subscription service, simply submit an email to us at or from the email you used for our email newsletter subscription service. We will gladly issue you a rebate in the form of “Reward Points” for the difference in price paid and advertised sale price.

    To be eligible for Safe-Sale Rebate you must have an email actively subscribed to our email newsletter subscription service at least two (2) days prior to the sale announcement. All orders must be finalized and paid by the end of sale. This is not a refund or an account credit, rather a rebate issued as Reward Points.

    Safe-Sale Rebates are only applicable for items finalized in the order and not for items not purchased, returned, removed from cart, out of stock items or not paid for, such as awaiting payment. Rebates are generally added to customer accounts within ten (10) business days.

    The Safe-Sale Rebate program is designed to ensure customer satisfaction, therefore participation is the responsibility of the customer to submit required information within five (5) days of sales ending date.

    You can set your payment now in Euros or dollars but we’ll be adding bitcoin in a day or two

    CUSTOM PRODUCTS (Coming Soon)
    I totally understand wanting certain custom molecules and new beta-test mixes. We’ll be attempting to make beta-test mixes available pretty regularly and adding expected shipping dates to our public shipping calendar located here:

    In the meanwhile you are free to order any custom product or beta-test mix from EUphoricXS as a separate order. These orders must be free of any retail products or they will be cancelled immediately.

    Here’s what will occur; place your order and we’ll start making it for shipment in our US facility right away. Just as soon as its complete and we have a resupply shipment leaving we’ll add your custom order to it. It could be as quick as a couple days or as long as a couple of months before you see it, but if you were taking advantage of our Free Everywhere Shipping it might have taken a couple months anyway.

    We make every attempt to keep on schedule with posted resupply shipment dates, but its not yet an exact science. Just last Thursday we missed our date, but of course the extenuating circumstance was get the shipment out or launch the site. We chose to launch the site, but that now means or next priority is now the shipment.

    FRAGRANCES (Coming Soon)
    We are currently not yet setup as a lab in the EU and our charter does not permit it. Technically we are allowed to sample the market and as such make no alterations to any product. This means for the time being we cannot offer any cover scent. We do have plans in the near future to be able to offer you alternatives. If you’ve ever gotten our brochure we make some allusion to it there (we jumped the gun on that one). In time we will have options to send you the fragrance so you can add it yourself, but just weren’t quite ready with this step yet. There’s a whole lot of man hours involved.

    This is the toughest one as we LOVE giving out samples with our orders. Lets face it, its just good business but here’s the caveat. According to our charter we are already sending samples, even though the samples are regular products. Weird right? See that’s what I thought too, but it took us a heck of a lot to even get started in the EU so we’re not going to rock the boat with it.

    Okay so its just about 1am and I’m truly exhausted here. I still have to finish tonight's newsletter (hint, hint) and I’m just beat. I know there’s some stuff I’m forgetting here, but just ask me and help me remember. Tomorrow I’ll jump back in and see if I can’t answer any additional questions you have.

    I really want to thank everyone who has been so patient for this long, arduous process we’ve gone through, but its time has come. Here and now we hope to serve you in the best way we know how: Real pheromone blends from real pheromone enthusiasts.


    • idle
      idle commented
      Editing a comment
      Originally posted by Kohloe

      Thank you for clarifying idle.
      And the spray version of Ascend? There no such option to choose copulins or have them remove.
      Hey Kohloe you are more than welcome

      The spray version in EU is exactly what ascend is by default(aka with a trace of cops)
      And yes ... We do plan to restock* on the -cops option for the spray too
      *(but sorry we cant promise any ETA at the moment)

    • YourAGreatGuy
      YourAGreatGuy commented
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      I have sent a mail 2 days ago to the eurohub asking what steps I need to take to obtain a refund on a pheromone. No one has replied. Is there someone I can escalate this matter with ?

      Many thanks

    • SteveO
      SteveO commented
      Editing a comment
      Originally posted by YourAGreatGuy
      I have sent a mail 2 days ago to the eurohub asking what steps I need to take to obtain a refund on a pheromone. No one has replied. Is there someone I can escalate this matter with ?

      Many thanks
      While we don't handle customer service on the forum you should contact us via support here:

      If you replied to a sales email there's a good chance it could be missed as we have a support suite specifically designed to handle customer service. You probably have an order from before we changed the message on the bottom with the above link. In looking into your email you did send it on a Saturday and while most responses come within a business day, Mondays are typically very busy and today, Tuesday is a holiday. We needed to change the reply to this email as it was set that way by default and with so many sales emails it was difficult to determine if any were from a client or just the cart sending it out. We removed that verbiage and included the support link and some phone numbers so hopefully that resolves any miscues going forward.

      I wouldn't want you to ever feel neglected or ignored, so please send us a ticket at the above link if you ever need to so we can make sure we get it. You'll even get a ticket number for future reference too which is a big help if anything like this ever happens.

      The good news is our return policy is super clear and easy and really no reason to send a ticket, unless you want to. I included the link to it in the store for you.

      There’s no need to call, email or otherwise contact us when making a return. We don’t even require an explanation as to why, just make sure you include your name and order ID number and within 15 business days we will issue you a refund.

      Please Send all returns to:
      XS Returns
      ATTN: M. Stoev
      Mladost 1A - PO Box 6
      1729 - Sofia Bulgaria
      You can always call us and leave a message too. We have numbers in the USA and Europe you can call and speak to a real live person. Average wait time is usually less than a minute.

      Call us Monday thru Thursday from: 4:00am to 4:00pm and Fridays 4:00am until 2:00pm
      in the USA: +1 (901)328-6433 or in Europe: +359 9291 9005

      I think that's 5am to 5pm in your time zone.

      Again I'm sorry you feel as if your email was ignored, but I assure you its more of a technical glitch than anything. We are still attempting to work out all the little quirks in the system with the EU. XS-USA is going on 7 years old in 11 more days and that's a lot of time to fix all those issues. XS-EU is so new its easy to forget about all the things we needed to change to make it our own. We know there are going to be some bumps in the road and are thankful to our clients who bring it to our attention so we may smooth them out.

      I forwarded your email to support in the meantime.
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